Bible in Basic English

A Psalm. Of David.

101:1     I will make a song of mercy and righteousness ; to you, O Lord, will I make melody. 2 I will do wisely in the way of righteousness : O when will you come to me ?
I will be walking in my house with a true heart. 3 I will not put any evil thing before my eyes ; I am against all turning to one side ; I will not have it near me. 4 The false heart I will send away from me: I will not have an evil-doer for a friend.
101:5     I will put to death anyone who says evil of his neighbour secretly ; the man with a high look and a heart of pride is disgusting to me.
101:6     My eyes will be on those of good faith in the land, so that they may be living in my house ; he who is walking in the right way will be my servant.
101:7     The worker of deceit will not come into my house ; the false man will have no place before my eyes.
101:8     Morning by morning will I put to death all the sinners in the land, so that all evil-doers may be cut off from Jerusalem.

A Prayer of the man who is in trouble, when he is overcome, and puts his grief before the Lord.

102:1     Give ear to my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come to you. 2 Let not your face be veiled from me in the day of my trouble ; give ear to me, and let my cry be answered quickly. 3 My days are wasted like smoke, and my bones are burned up as in a fire. 4 My heart is broken ; it has become dry and dead like grass, so that I give no thought to food. 5 Because of the voice of my sorrow, my flesh is wasted to the bone. 6 I am like a bird living by itself in the waste places ; like the night-bird in a waste of sand. 7 I keep watch like a bird by itself on the house-top. 8 My haters say evil of me all day ; those who are violent against me make use of my name as a curse. 9 I have had dust for bread and my drink has been mixed with weeping : 10 Because of your passion and your wrath, for I have been lifted up and then made low by you. 11 My days are like a shade which is stretched out ; I am dry like the grass.
102:12   But you, O Lord, are eternal ; and your name will never come to an end. 13 You will again get up and have mercy on Zion : for the time has come for her to be comforted. 14 For your servants take pleasure in her stones, looking with love on her dust. 15 So the nations will give honour to the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth will be in fear of his glory : 16 When the Lord has put up the walls of Zion, and has been been in his glory ; 17 When he has given ear to the prayer of the poor, and has not put his request on one side.
102:18   This will be put in writing for the coming generation, and the people of the future will give praise to the Lord. 19 For from his holy place the Lord has seen, looking down on the earth from heaven ; 20 Hearing the cry of the prisoner, making free those for whom death is ordered ; 21 So that they may give out the name of the Lord in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem ; 22 When the peoples are come together, and the kingdoms, to give worship to the Lord.
102:23   He has taken my strength from me in the way ; he has made short my days. 24 I will say, O my God, take me not away before my time ; your years go on through all generations : 25 In the past you put the earth on its base, and the heavens are the work of your hands. 26 They will come to an end, but you will still go on they all will become old like a coat, and like a robe they will be changed 27 But you are the unchanging One, and your years will have no end. 28 The children of your servants will have a safe resting-place, and their seed will be ever before you.

Of David.

103:1     Give praise to the Lord, O my soul ; let everything in me give praise to his holy name. 2 Give praise to the Lord, O my soul ; let not all his blessings go from your memory. 3 He has forgiveness for all your sins ; he takes away all your diseases ; 4 He keeps back your life from destruction, crowning you with mercy and grace. 5 He makes your mouth full of good things, so that your strength is made new again like the eagle's.
103:6 The Lord gives decisions in righteousness for all who are in trouble. 7 He gave knowledge of his way to Moses, and made his acts clear to the children of Israel. 8 The Lord is kind and full of pity, not quickly made angry, but ever ready to have mercy. 9 His feeling will no longer be bitter ; he will not keep his wrath for ever. 10 He has not given us the punishment for our sins, or the reward of our wrongdoing. 11 For as the heaven is high over the earth, so great is his mercy to his worshippers. 12 As far as the east is from the west, so far has he put our sins from us. 13 As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshippers. 14 For he has knowledge of our feeble frame ; he sees that we are only dust. 15 As for man, his days are as grass : his beautiful growth is like the flower of the field. 16 The wind goes over it and it is gone ; and its place sees it no longer. 17 But the mercy of the Lord is eternal for his worshippers, and their children's children will see his righteousness ; 18 If they keep his agreement, and have his laws in mind to do them.
103:19   The Lord has made ready his high seat in the heavens ; his kingdom is ruling over all. 20 Give praise to the Lord, you his angels, who are great in strength, doing his orders, and waiting for his voice. 21 Give praise to the Lord, all you his armies ; and you his servants who do his pleasure. 22 Give praise to the Lord, all his works, in all places under his rule : give praise to the Lord, O my soul.

Bless the Lord

104:1    Give praise to the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, you are very great ; you are robed with honour and power. 2 You are clothed with light as with a robe ; stretching out the heavens like a curtain: 3 The arch of your house is based on the waters ; you make the clouds your carriage ; you go on the wings of the wind : 4 He makes winds his angels, and flames of fire his servants.
104:5   He has made the earth strong on its bases, so that it may not be moved for ever and ever ; 6 Covering it with the sea as with a robe : the waters were high over the mountains ; 7 At the voice of your word they went in flight ; at the sound of your thunder they went away in fear ; 8 The mountains came up and the valleys went down into the place which you had made ready for them. 9 You made a limit over which they might not go, so that the earth would never again be covered by them. 10 You sent the springs into the valleys ; they are flowing between the hills. 11 They give drink to every beast of the field ; the mountain asses come to them for water. 12 The birds of the air have their resting-places by them, and make their song among the branches. 13 He sends down rain from his store-houses on the hills : the earth is full of the fruit of his works.
104:14   He makes the grass come up for the cattle, and plants for the use of man ; so that bread may come out of the earth ; 15 And wine to make glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face shining, and bread giving strength to his heart. 16 The trees of the Lord are full of growth, the cedars of Lebanon of his planting; 17 Where the birds have their resting-places ; as for the stork, the tall trees are her house. 18 The high hills are a safe place for the mountain goats, and the rocks for the small beasts. 19 He made the moon for a sign of the divisions of the year ; teaching the sun the time of its going down. 20 When you make it dark, it is night, when all the beasts of the woods come quietly out of their secret places. 21 The young lions go thundering after their food ; searching for their meat from God. 22 The sun comes up, and they come together, and go back to their secret places to take their rest. 23 Man goes out to his work, and to his business, till the evening.
104:24   O Lord, how great is the number of your works ! in wisdom you have made them all ; the earth is full of the things you have made. 25 There is the great, wide sea, where there are living things, great and small, more than may be numbered. 26 There go the ships ; there is that great beast, which you have made as a plaything.
104:27   All of them are waiting for you, to give them their food in its time. 28 They take what you give them ; they are full of the good things which come from your open hand. 29 If your face is veiled, they are troubled ; when you take away their breath, they come to an end, and go back to the dust. 30 If you send out your spirit, they are given life ; you make new the face of the earth.
104:31   Let the glory of the Lord be for ever ; let the Lord have joy in his works : 32 At whose look the earth is shaking ; at whose touch the mountains send out smoke. 33 I will make songs to the Lord all my life ; I will make melody to my God while I have my being. 34 Let my thoughts be sweet to him : I will be glad in the Lord. 35 Let sinners be cut off from the earth, and let all evil-doers come to an end. Give praise to the Lord, O my soul.
Give praise to the Lord.

Israel led forth with joy

105:1     O give praise to the Lord ; give honour to his name, talking of his doings among the peoples. 2 Let your voice be sounding in songs and melody ; let all your thoughts be of the wonder of his works. 3 Have glory in his holy name ; let the hearts of those who are searching after the Lord be glad. 4 Let your search be for the Lord and for his strength ; let your hearts ever be turned to him. 5 Keep in mind the great works which he has done ; his wonders, and the decisions of his mouth ; 6 O you seed of Abraham, his servant, you children of Jacob, his loved ones.
105:7 He is the Lord our God : he is judge of all the earth. 8 He has kept his agreement in mind for ever, the word which he gave for a thousand generations ; 9 The agreement which he made with Abraham, and his oath to Isaac ; 10 And he gave it to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an eternal agreement ; 11 Saying, To you will I give the land of Canaan, the measured line of your heritage :
105:12   When they were still small in number, and strange in the land ; 13 When they went about from one nation to another, and from one kingdom to another people. 14 He would not let anyone do them wrong ; he even kept back kings because of them, 15 Saying, Put not your hand on those who have been marked with my holy oil, and do my prophets no wrong.
105:16   And he took away all food from the land, so that the people were without bread. 17 He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was given as a servant for a price : 18 His feet were fixed in chains ; his neck was put in iron bands ; 19 Till the time when his word came true ; he was tested by the word of the Lord. 20 The king sent men to take off his chains ; even the ruler of the people, who let him go free. 21 He made him lord of his house, and ruler over everything he had ; 22 To give his chiefs teaching at his pleasure, and so that his law-givers might get wisdom from him. 23 Then Israel came into Egypt, and Jacob was living in the land of Ham. 24 And his people were greatly increased, and became stronger than those who were against them. 25 Their hearts were turned to hate against his people, so that they made secret designs against them.
105:26   He sent Moses, his servant, and Aaron, the man of his selection. 27 He let his signs be seen among the people, and his wonders in the land of Ham. 28 He sent black night and made it dark ; and they did not go against his word. 29 At his word their waters were turned to blood, and he sent death on all their fish. 30 Their land was full of frogs, even in the rooms of the king. 31 He gave the word, and there came the dog-fly, and insects over all the land. 32 He gave them ice for rain, and flaming fire in their land. 33 He gave their vines and their fig-trees to destruction, and the trees of their land were broken down. 34 At his word the locusts came, and young locusts more than might be numbered, 35 And put an end to all the plants of their land, taking all the fruit of the earth for food. 36 He put to death the first child of every family in the land, the first-fruits of their strength.
105:37   He took his people out with silver and gold : there was not one feeble person among them. 38 Egypt was glad when they went ; for the fear of them had come down on them. 39 A cloud was stretched over them for a cover ; and he sent fire to give light in the night. 40 At the people's request he sent birds, and gave them the bread of heaven for food. 41 His hand made the rock open, and the waters came streaming out ; they went down through the dry places like a river. 42 For he kept in mind his holy word, and Abraham, his servant.
105:43   And he took his people out with joy, the men of his selection with glad cries : 44 And gave them the lands of the nations ; and they took the work of the peoples for a heritage; 45 So that they might keep his orders, and be true to his laws. Give praise to the Lord.

Rebelliousness of Israel

106:1     Let the Lord be praised. O give praise to the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy is unchanging for ever. 2 Who is able to give an account of the great acts of the Lord, or to make clear all his praise ? 3 Happy are they whose decisions are upright, and he who does righteousness at all times.
106:4   Keep me in mind, O Lord, when you are good to your people ; O let your salvation come to me ; 5 So that I may see the well-being of the people of your selection, and have a part in the joy of your nation, and take pride in your heritage. 6 We are sinners like our fathers, we have done wrong, our acts are evil. 7 Our fathers did not give thought to your wonders in Egypt ; they did not keep in memory the great number of your mercies, but gave you cause for wrath at the sea, even at the Red Sea. 8 But he was their saviour because of his name, so that men might see his great power. 9 By his word the Red Sea was made dry : and he took them through the deep waters as through the waste land. 10 And he took them safely out of the hands of their haters, and kept them from the attacks of those who were against them. 11 And the waters went over their haters ; all of them came to an end. 12 Then they had faith in his words ; they gave him songs of praise.
106:13   But their memory of his works was short ; not waiting to be guided by him, 14 They gave way to their evil desires in the waste land, and put God to the test in the dry places. 15 And he gave them their request, but sent a wasting disease into their souls.
106:16   They were full of envy against Moses among the tents, and against Aaron, the holy one of the Lord. 17 The earth opening put an end to Dathan, covering up Abiram and his band. 18 And a fire was lighted among their tents ; the sinners were burned up by the flames.
106:19   They made a young ox in Horeb, and gave worship to an image of gold. 20 And their glory was changed into the image of an ox, whose food is grass. 21 They had no memory of God their saviour, who had done great things in Egypt ; 22 Works of wonder in the land of Ham, and things of fear by the Red Sea. 23 And he was purposing to put an end to them if Moses, his special servant, had not gone up before him, between him and his people, turning back his wrath, to keep them from destruction.
106:24 They were disgusted with the good land ; they had no belief in his word ; 25 Talking against him secretly in their tents, they did not give ear to the voice of the Lord. 26 So he made an oath against them, to put an end to them in the waste land : 27 That their children might be mixed among the nations, and sent away into other lands.
106:28 And they were joined to Baal-peor, and took part in the offerings to the dead. 29 So they made him angry by their behaviour ; and he sent disease on them. 30 Then Phinehas got up, and made prayer for them ; and the disease went no farther. 31 And all the generations coming after him kept the memory of his righteousness for ever.
106:32 They made God angry again at the waters of Meribah, so that Moses was troubled because of them ; 33 For they made his spirit bitter, and he said unwise things. 34 They did not put an end to the peoples, as the Lord had said ;
106:35   But they were joined to the nations, learning their works. 36 And they gave worship to images ; which were a danger to them : 37 They even made offerings of their sons and their daughters to evil spirits, 38 And gave the blood of their sons and their daughters who had done no wrong, offering them to the images of Canaan ; and the land was made unclean with blood. 39 So they became unclean through their works, going after their evil desires.
106:40   Then the wrath of the Lord was burning against his people, and he was angry with his heritage. 41 And he gave them into the hands of the nations ; and they were ruled by their haters. 42 By them they were crushed, and made low under their hands. 43 Again and again he made them free ; but their hearts were turned against his purpose, and they were overcome by their sins. 44 But when their cry came to his ears, he had pity on their trouble : 45 And kept in mind his agreement with them, and in his great mercy gave them forgiveness. 46 He put pity into the hearts of those who made them prisoners.
106:47   Be our saviour, O Lord our God, and let us come back together from among the nations, so that we may give honour to your holy name, and have glory in your praise. 48 Praise be to the Lord God of Israel for ever and for ever ; and let all the people say, So be it.
Give praise to the Lord.


Let them thank the Lord

107:1     O give praise to the Lord, for he is good : for his mercy is unchanging for ever. 2 Let those whose cause the Lord has taken up say so, his people whom he has taken out of the hands of their haters ; 3 Making them come together out of all the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south.
107:4   They were wandering in the waste places ; they saw no way to a resting-place. 5 Their souls became feeble for need of food and drink. 6 Then they sent up their cry to the Lord in their sorrow, and he gave them salvation out of all their troubles ; 7 Guiding them in the right way, so that they might come into the town of their resting-place. 8 Let men give praise to the Lord for his mercy, and for the wonders which he does for the children of men ! 9 He gives its desire to the unresting soul, so that it is full of good things. 10 Those who were in the dark, in the black night, in chains of sorrow and iron ; 11 Because they went against the words of God, and gave no thought to the laws of the Most High : 12 So that he made their hearts weighted down with grief ; they were falling, and had no helper. 13 Then they sent up their cry to the Lord in their sorrow, and he gave them salvation out of all their troubles. 14 He took them out of the dark and the black night, and all their chains were broken. 15 Let men give praise to the Lord for his mercy, and for the wonders which he does for the children of men ! 16 The doors of brass are broken by his arm, and the bands of iron are cut in two. 107:17 Foolish men, because of their sins, and because of their wrongdoing, are troubled ; 18 They are disgusted by all food, and they come near to the doors of death. 19 Then they send up their cry to the Lord in their sorrow, and he gives them salvation out of all their troubles. 20 He sent his word and made them well, and kept them safe from the underworld. 21 Let men give praise to the Lord for his mercy, and for the wonders which he does for the children of men ! 22 Let them make offerings of praise, giving news of his works with cries of joy. 107:23 Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business in the great waters; 24 They see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. 25 For at his word comes up the storm-wind, lifting high the waves.
107:26   The sailors go up to heaven, and down into the deep ; their souls are wasted because of their trouble. 27 They are turned here and there, rolling like a man who is full of wine ; and all their wisdom comes to nothing. 28 Then they send up their cry to the Lord in their sorrow, and he gives them salvation out of all their troubles. 29 He makes the storm into a calm, so that the waves are at peace. 30 Then they are glad, because the sea is quiet, and he takes them to the harbour of their desire. 31 Let men give praise to the Lord for his mercy, and for the wonders which he does for the children of men ! 32 Let them give glory to him in the meeting of the people, and praise among the chiefs.
107:33 He makes rivers into waste places, and springs of water into a dry land; 34 He makes a fertile country into a salt waste, because of the sins of those who are living there. 35 He makes a waste land into a place of water, and a dry land into water-springs. 36 And there he gives the poor a resting-place, so that they may make themselves a town; 37 And put seed in the fields and make vine-gardens, to give them fruit. 38 He gives them his blessing so that they are increased greatly, and their cattle do not become less.
107:39   And when they are made low, and crushed by trouble and sorrow, 40 He puts an end to the pride of kings, and sends them wandering in the waste lands where there is no way. 41 But he puts the poor man on high from his troubles, and gives him families like a flock. 42 The upright see it and are glad : the mouth of the sinner is stopped. 43 Let the wise give thought to these things, and see the mercies of the Lord.

A Song. A Psalm. Of David.

108:1     O God, my heart is fixed ; I will make songs and melody, even with my glory. 2 Give out your sounds, O corded instruments : the dawn will be awaking with my song. 3 I will give you praise, O Lord, among the peoples ; I will make melody to you among the nations. 4 For your mercy is higher than the heavens : and your unchanging faith than the clouds.
108:5 Be lifted up, O God, higher than the heavens ; let your glory be over all the earth. 6 Let your right hand be stretched out for salvation, and give me an answer, so that your loved ones may be safe from danger.
108:7 This is the word of the holy God : I will be glad ; I will make Shechem a heritage, measuring out the valley of Succoth. 8 Gilead is mine ; Manasseh is mine ; Ephraim is the strength of my head ; Judah is my law-giver ; 9 Moab is my washpot ; on Edom is the resting-place of my shoe ; over Philistia will I send out a glad cry.
108:10 Who will take me into the strong town ? who will be my guide into Edom ? 11 Have you not sent us away from you, O God ? and you go not out with our armies. 12 Give us help in our trouble ; for there is no help in man. 13 With God we will do great things ; for by him will our haters be crushed underfoot.

To the chief music-marker. A Psalm. Of David.

109:1     God of my praise, let my prayer be answered ; 2 For the mouth of the sinner is open against me in deceit : his tongue has said false things against me. 3 Words of hate are round about me ; they have made war against me without cause. 4 For my love they give me back hate ; but I have given myself to prayer. 5 They have put on me evil for good ; hate in exchange for my love. 6 Put an evil man over him ; and let one be placed at his right hand to say evil of him. 7 When he is judged, let the decision go against him; and may his prayer become sin. 8 Let his life be short ; let another take his position of authority. 9 Let his children have no father, and his wife be made a widow. 10 Let his children be wanderers, looking to others for their food ; let them be sent away from the company of their friends. 11 Let his creditor take all his goods ; and let others have the profit of his work. 12 Let no man have pity on him, or give help to his children when he is dead. 13 Let his seed be cut off ; in the coming generation let their name go out of memory. 14 Let the Lord keep in mind the wrongdoing of his fathers ; and may the sin of his mother have no forgiveness. 15 Let them be ever before the eyes of the Lord, so that the memory of them may be cut off from the earth. 16 Because he had no mercy, but was cruel to the low and the poor, designing the death of the broken-hearted. 17 As he took pleasure in cursing, so let it come on him ; and as he had no delight in blessing, let it be far from him. 18 He put on cursing like a robe, and it has come into his body like water, and into his bones like oil. 19 Let it be to him as a robe which he puts on, let it be like a band which is round him at all times.
109:20     Let this be the reward given to my haters from the Lord, and to those who say evil of my soul. 21 But, O Lord God, give me your help, because of your name ; take me out of danger, because your mercy is good. 22 For I am poor and in need, and my heart is wounded in me. 23 I am gone like the shade when it is stretched out : I am forced out of my place like a locust. 24 My knees are feeble for need of food ; there is no fat on my bones. 25 As for me, they make sport of me ; shaking their heads when they see me.
109:20     Give me help, O Lord my God ; in your mercy be my saviour ; 27 So that they may see that it is the work of your hand; that you, Lord, have done it. 28 They may give curses but you give blessing ; when they come up against me, put them to shame ; but let your servant be glad. 29 Let my haters be clothed with shame, covering themselves with shame as with a robe.
109:30     I will give the Lord great praise with my mouth ; yes, I will give praise to him among all the people. 31 For he is ever at the right hand of the poor, to take him out of the hands of those who go after his soul.

A Psalm. Of David.

110:1    The Lord said to my lord, Be seated at my right hand, till I put all those who are against you under your feet. 2 The Lord will send out the rod of your strength from Zion ; be king over your haters. 3 Your people give themselves gladly in the day of your power ; like the dew of the morning on the holy mountains is the army of your young men. 4 The Lord has made an oath, and will not take it back. You are a priest for ever, after the order of Melchizedek.
110:5     In the day of his wrath kings will be wounded by the Lord at your right hand. 6 He will be judge among the nations, the valleys will be full of dead bodies ; the head over a great country will be wounded by him. 7 He will take of the stream by the way ; so his head will be lifted up.


111:1     Let the Lord be praised. I will give praise to the Lord with all my heart, among the upright, and in the meeting of the people. 2 The works of the Lord are great, searched out by all those who have delight in them. 3 His work is full of honour and glory ; and his righteousness is unchanging for ever. 4 Certain for ever is the memory of his wonders : the Lord is full of pity and mercy. 5 He has given food to his worshippers ; he will keep his agreement in mind for ever. 6 He has made clear to his people the power of his works, giving them the heritage of the nations. 7 The works of his hands are faith and righteousness ; all his laws are unchanging. 8 They are fixed for ever and ever, they are done in faith and righteousness. 9 He has sent salvation to his people ; he has given his word for ever : holy is his name and greatly to be feared. 10 The fear of the Lord is the best part of wisdom : all those who keep his laws are wise : his praise is eternal.


112:1     Let the Lord be praised. Happy is the man who gives honour to the Lord, and has great delight in his laws. 2 His seed will be strong on the earth ; blessings will be on the generation of the upright. 3 A store of wealth will be in his house, and his righteousness will be for ever. 4 For the upright there is a light shining in the dark ; he is full of grace and pity. 5 All is well for the man who is kind and gives freely to others ; he will make good his cause when he is judged. 6 He will not ever be moved ; the memory of the upright will be living for ever. 7 He will have no fear of evil news ; his heart is fixed, for his hope is in the Lord. 8 His heart is resting safely, he will have no fear, till he sees trouble come on his haters. 9 He has given with open hands to the poor ; his righteousness is for ever; his horn will be lifted up with honour. 10 The sinner will see it with grief ; he will be wasted away with envy ; the desire of the evil-doers will come to nothing.


113:1 Let the Lord be praised. O you servants of the Lord, give praise to the name of the Lord. 2 Let blessing be on the name of the Lord, from this time and for ever. 3 From the coming up of the sun to its going down, the Lord's name is to be praised. 4 The Lord is high over all nations, and his glory is higher than the heavens.
113:5     Who is like the Lord our God, who is seated on high, 6 Looking down on the heavens, and on the earth ? 7 He takes the poor man out of the dust, lifting him up from his low position ; 8 To give him a place among the rulers, even with the rulers of his people. 9 He gives the unfertile woman a family, making her a happy mother of children. Give praise to the Lord.


114:1     When Israel came out of Egypt, the children of Jacob from a people whose language was strange to them ; 2 Judah became his holy place, and Israel his kingdom.
114:3 The sea saw it, and went in flight ; Jordan was turned back. 4 The mountains were jumping like goats, and the little hills like lambs.
114:5 What was wrong with you, O sea, that you went in flight ? O Jordan, that you were turned back ? 6 You mountains, why were you jumping like goats, and you little hills like lambs ? 7 Be troubled, O earth, before the Lord, before the God of Jacob ; 8 Who made the rock into a water-spring, and the hard stone into a fountain.


115:1     Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name let glory be given, because of your mercy and your unchanging faith. 2 Why may the nations say, Where is now their God ?
115:3     But our God is in heaven : he has done whatever was pleasing to him. 4 Their images are silver and gold, the work of men's hands. 5 They have mouths, but no voice ; they have eyes, but they see not ; 6 They have ears, but no hearing ; they have noses, but no sense of smell ; 7 They have hands without feeling, and feet without power of walking; and no sound comes from their throat. 8 Those who make them are like them ; and so is everyone who puts his faith in them.
115:9     O Israel, have faith in the Lord: he is their help and their breastplate. 10 O house of Aaron, have faith in the Lord : he is their help and their breastplate. 11 You worshippers of the Lord, have faith in the Lord : he is their help and their breastplate.
115:12     The Lord has kept us in mind and will give us his blessing ; he will send blessings on the house of Israel and on the house of Aaron. 13 He will send blessings on the worshippers of the Lord, on the small and on the great. 14 May the Lord give you and your children still greater increase. 15 May you have the blessing of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
115:16     The heavens are the Lord's; but the earth he has given to the children of men. 17 The dead do not give praise to the Lord ; or those who go down to the underworld. 18 But we will give praise to the Lord now and for ever. Praise be to the Lord.


116:1     I have given my love to the Lord, because he has given ear to the voice of my cry and my prayer. 2 He has let my request come before him, and I will make my prayer to him all my days. 3 The nets of death were round me, and the pains of the underworld had me in their grip ; I was full of trouble and sorrow. 4 Then I made my prayer to the Lord, saying, O Lord, take my soul out of trouble.
116:5     The Lord is full of grace and righteousness ; truly, he is a God of mercy. 6 The Lord keeps the simple ; I was made low, and he was my saviour. 7 Come back to your rest, O my soul ; for the Lord has given you your reward.
116:8     You have taken my soul from the power of death, keeping my eyes from weeping, and my feet from falling. 9 I will go before the Lord in the land of the living. 10 I still had faith, though I said, I am in great trouble ; 11 Though I said in my fear, All men are false.
116:12     What may I give to the Lord for all the good things which he has done for me ? 116:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and give praise to the name of the Lord. 14 I will make the offering of my oath to the Lord, even before all his people. 15 Dear in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints. 16 O Lord, truly I am your servant ; I am your servant, the son of her who is your servant ; by you have my cords been broken. 17 I will give an offering of praise to you, and make my prayer in the name of the Lord. 18 I will make the offerings of my oath, even before all his people ; 19 In the Lord's house, even in Jerusalem. Praise be to the Lord.

Let all nations give praise

117:1     Let all the nations give praise to the Lord : let all the people give him praise.   For great is his mercy to us, and his faith is unchanging for ever. Praise be to the Lord.


118:1     O give praise to the Lord, for he is good : for his mercy is unchanging for ever.
118:2     Let Israel now say, that his mercy is unchanging for ever. 3 Let the house of Aaron now say, that his mercy is unchanging for ever. 4 Let all worshippers of the Lord now say, that his mercy is unchanging for ever.
118:5     I made my prayer to the Lord in my trouble : and the Lord gave me an answer, and put me in a wide place. 6 The Lord is on my side ; I will have no fear: what is man able to do to me ? 7 The Lord is my great helper : I will see my desire against my haters. 8 It is better to have faith in the Lord than to put one's hope in man. 9 It is better to have faith in the Lord than to put one's hope in rulers.
118:10     All the nations have come round me ; but in the name of the Lord I will have them cut down. 11 They are round me, yes, they are all about me; but in the name of the Lord I will have them cut down. 12 They are round me like bees ; but they are put out like a fire among thorns ; for in the name of the Lord I will have them cut down. 13 I have been hard pushed by you, so that I might have a fall : but the Lord was my helper. 4 The Lord is my strength and my song ; he has become my salvation.
118:15     The sound of joy and salvation is in the tents of the upright ; the right hand of the Lord does works of power. 16 The right hand of the Lord is lifted up ; the right hand of the Lord does works of power. 17 Life and not death will be my part, and I will give out the story of the works of the Lord. 18 The hand of Jah has been hard on me ; but he has not given me up to death.
118:19     Let the doors of righteousness be open to me ; I will go in and give praise to the Lord.
118:20     This is the door of the Lord's house ; the workers of righteousness will go in through it. 118:21     I will give you praise, for you have given me an answer, and have become my salvation. 22 The stone which the builders put on one side has become the chief stone of the building. 23 This is the Lord's doing ; it is a wonder in our eyes. 24 This is the day which the Lord has made ; we will be full of joy and delight in it. 25 Send salvation now, O Lord ; Lord, send us your blessing.
118:26     A blessing be on him who comes in the name of the Lord ; we give you blessing from the house of the Lord. 27 The Lord is God, and he has given us light ; let the holy dance be ordered with branches, even up to the horns of the altar. 28 You are my God, and I will give you praise; my God, and I will give honour to your name. 29 O give praise to the Lord, for he is good : for his mercy is unchanging for ever.

Give me understanding

  119:1   ALEPH   Happy are they who are without sin in their ways, walking in the law of the Lord. 2 Happy are they who keep his unchanging word, searching after him with all their heart. 3 They do no evil ; they go in his ways. 4 You have put your orders into our hearts, so that we might keep them with care. 5 If only my ways were ordered so that I might keep your rules ! 6 Then I would not be put to shame, as long as I have respect for all your teaching. 7 I will give you praise with an upright heart in learning your right decisions. 8 I will keep your rules : O give me not up completely.
  119:9 BETH   How may a young man make his way clean ? by guiding it after your word. 10 I have made search for you with all my heart : O let me not go wandering far from your teaching. 11 I have kept your sayings secretly in my heart, so that I might do no sin against you. 12 Praise be to you, O Lord : give me knowledge of your rules. 13 With my lips have I made clear all the decisions of your mouth. 14 I have taken as much delight in the way of your unchanging word, as in all wealth. 15 I will give thought to your orders, and have respect for your ways. 16 I will have delight in your rules ; I will not let your word go out of my mind.
  119:17 GIMEL   Give me, your servant, the reward of life, so that I may keep your word ; 18 Let my eyes be open to see the wonders of your law. 19 I am living in a strange land : do not let your teachings be kept secret from me. 20 My soul is broken with desire for your decisions at all times. 21 Your hand has been against the men of pride, a curse is on those who go wandering out of your way. 22 Take away from me shame and bitter words ; for I have kept your unchanging word in my heart. 23 Rulers make evil designs against me ; but your servant gives thought to your rules. 24 Your unchanging word is my delight, and the guide of my footsteps.
  119:25 DALETH   My soul is joined to the dust : O give me life, in keeping with your word. 26 I put the record of my ways before you, and you gave me an answer : O give me knowledge of your rules. 27 Make the way of your orders clear to me ; then my thoughts will be ever on your wonders. 28 My soul is wasted with sorrow ; give me strength again in keeping with your word 29 Take from me every false way ; and in mercy give me your law. 30 I have taken the way of faith : I have kept your decisions before me. 31 I have been true to your unchanging word ; O Lord, do not put me to shame. 32 I will go quickly in the way of your teaching, because you have given me a free heart.
  119:33 HE   O Lord, let me see the way of your rules, and I will keep it to the end. 34 Give me wisdom, so that I may keep your law ; going after it with all my heart. 35 Make me go in the way of your teachings ; for they are my delight. 36 Let my heart be turned to your unchanging word, and not to evil desire. 37 Let my eyes be turned away from what is false ; give me life in your ways. 38 Give effect to your word to your servant, in whose heart is the fear of you. 39 Take away the shame which is my fear ; for your decisions are good. 40 See how great is my desire for your orders : give me life in your righteousness.
  119:41 VAU   Let your mercies come to me, O Lord, even your salvation, as you have said. 42 So that I may have an answer for the man who would put me to shame ; for I have faith in your word. 43 Take not your true word quite out of my mouth ; for I have put my hope in your decisions. 44 So that I may keep your law for ever and ever ; 45 So that my way may be in a wide place : because my search has been for your orders. 46 So that I may give knowledge of your unchanging word before kings, and not be put to shame. 47 And so that I may take delight in your teachings, to which I have given my love. 48 And so that my hands may be stretched out to you ; and I will give thought to your rules.
  119:49 ZAIN   Keep in mind your word to your servant, for on it has my hope been fixed. 50 This is my comfort in my trouble ; that your sayings have given me life. 51 The men of pride have made great sport of me ; but I have not been turned from your law. 52 I have kept the memory of your decisions from times past, O Lord ; and they have been my comfort. 53 I am burning with wrath, because of the sinners who have given up your law. 54 Your rules have been melodies to me, while I have been living in strange lands. 55 I have given thought to your name in the night, O Lord, and have kept your law. 56 This has been true of me, that I have kept your orders in my heart.
  119:57 CHETH   The Lord is my heritage : I have said that I would be ruled by your words. 58 I have given my mind to do your pleasure with all my heart ; have mercy on me, as you have said. 59 I gave thought to my steps, and my feet were turned into the way of your unchanging word. 60 I was quick to do your orders, and let no time be wasted. 61 The cords of evil-doers are round me ; but I have kept in mind your law. 62 In the middle of the night I will get up to give you praise, because of all your right decisions. 63 I keep company with all your worshippers, and those who have your orders in their memory. 64 The earth, O Lord, is full of your mercy : give me knowledge of your rules.
  119:65 TETH   You have done good to your servant, O Lord, in keeping with your word. 66 Give me knowledge and good sense ; for I have put my faith in your teachings. 67 Before I was in trouble I went out of the way ; but now I keep your word. 68 You are good, and your works are good ; give me knowledge of your rules. 69 The men of pride have said false things about me ; but I will keep your orders in my heart. 70 Their hearts are shut up with fat ; but my delight is in your law. 71 It is good for me to have been through trouble ; so that I might come to the knowledge of your rules. 72 The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver.
  119:73 JOD   Your hands have made me, and given me form : give me wisdom, so that I may have knowledge of your teaching. 74 Your worshippers will see me and be glad ; because my hope has been in your word. 75 I have seen, O Lord, that your decisions are right, and that in unchanging faith you have sent trouble on me. 76 Let your mercy now be my comfort, as you have said to your servant. 77 Let your gentle mercies come to me, so that I may have life ; for your law is my delight. 78 Let the men of pride be shamed ; because they have falsely given decision against me ; but I will give thought to your orders. 79 Let your worshippers be turned to me, and those who have knowledge of your words. 80 Let all my heart be given to your orders, so that I may not be put to shame.
  119:81 CAPH My soul is wasted with desire for your salvation : but I have hope in your word. 82 My eyes are full of weariness with searching for your word, saying, When will you give me comfort ? 83 For I have become like a wine-skin black with smoke ; but I still keep the memory of your rules. 84 How short is the life of your servant ! when will you give your decision against those who are attacking me ? 85 The men of pride, who are turned away from your law, have put nets for me. 86 All your teachings are certain ; they go after me with evil design; give me your help. 87 They had almost put an end to me on earth ; but I did not give up your orders. 88 Give me life in your mercy ; so that I may be ruled by the unchanging word of your mouth.
  119:89 LAMED   For ever, O Lord, your word is fixed in heaven. 90 Your faith is unchanging from generation to generation : you have put the earth in its place, and it is not moved. 91 They are ruled this day by your decisions ; for all things are your servants. 92 If your law had not been my delight, my troubles would have put an end to me. 93 I will ever keep your orders in mind ; for in them I have life. 94 I am yours, O be my saviour ; for my desire has been for your rules. 95 The sinners have been waiting for me to give me up to destruction ; but I will give all my mind to your unchanging ward. 96 I have seen that nothing on earth is complete; but your teaching is very wide.
  119:97 MEM   O what love I have for your law ! I give thought to it all the day. 98 Your teaching has made me wiser than my haters : for it is mine for ever. 99 I have more knowledge than all my teachers, because I give thought to your unchanging word. 100 I have more wisdom than the old, because I have kept your orders. 101 I have kept back my feet from all evil ways, so that I might be true to your word. 102 My heart has not been turned away from your decisions ; for you have been my teacher. 103 How sweet are your sayings to my taste ! truly, they are sweeter than honey in my mouth ! 104 Through your orders I get wisdom ; for this reason I am a hater of every false way.
  119:105 NUN   Your word is a light for my feet, ever shining on my way. 106 I have made an oath and kept it, to be guided by your upright decisions. 107 I am greatly troubled, O Lord, give me life in keeping with your word. 108 Take, O Lord, the free offerings of my mouth, and give me knowledge of your decisions. 109 My soul is ever in danger ; but I still keep the memory of your law. 110 Sinners have put a net to take me ; but I was true to your orders. 111 I have taken your unchanging word as an eternal heritage ; for it is the joy of my heart. 112 My heart is ever ready to keep your rules, even to the end.
  119:113 SAMECH   I am a hater of men of doubting mind ; but I am a lover of your law. 114 You are my secret place and my breastplate against danger ; my hope is in your word. 115 Go far from me, you evil-doers ; so that I may keep the teachings of my God. 116 Be my support as you have said, and give me life ; let not my hope be turned to shame. 117 Let me not be moved, and I will be safe, and ever take delight in your rules. 118 You have overcome all those who are wandering from your rules ; for all their thoughts are false. 119 All the sinners of the earth are like waste metal in your eyes ; and for this cause I give my love to your unchanging word. 120 My flesh is moved for fear of you ; I give honour to your decisions.
  119:121 AIN   I have done what is good and right : you will not give me into the hands of those who are working against me. 122 Take your servant's interests into your keeping ; let me not be crushed by the men of pride. 123 My eyes are wasted with desire for your salvation, and for the word of your righteousness. 124 Be good to your servant in your mercy, and give me teaching in your rules. 125 I am your servant ; give me wisdom, so that I may have knowledge of your unchanging word. 126 It is time, O Lord, for you to let your work be seen ; for they have made your law without effect. 127 For this reason I have greater love far your teachings than for gold, even for shining gold. 128 Because of it I keep straight in all things by your orders ; and I am a hater of every false way.
  119:129 PE   Your unchanging word is full of wonder ; for this reason my soul keeps it. 130 The opening of your words gives light ; it gives good sense to the simple. 131 My mouth was open wide, waiting with great desire for your teachings. 132 Let your eyes be turned to me, and have mercy on me, as it is right for you to do to those who are lovers of your name. 133 Let my steps be guided by your word ; and let not sin have control over me. 134 Make me free from the cruel rule of man ; then I will keep your orders. 135 Let your servant see the shining of your face ; give me knowledge of your rules. 136 Rivers of water are flowing from my eyes, because men do not keep your law.
  119:137 TZADE   O Lord, great is your righteousness, and upright are your decisions. 138 You have given your unchanging word in righteousness, and it is for ever. 139 My passion has overcome me ; because my haters are turned away from your words. 140 Your word is of tested value ; and it is dear to your servant. 141 I am small and of no account ; but I keep your orders in mind. 142 Your righteousness is an unchanging righteousness, and your law is certain. 143 Pain and trouble have overcome me : but your teachings are my delight. 144 The righteousness of your unchanging word is eternal ; give me wisdom so that I may have life.
  119:145 KOPH   I have made my prayer with all my heart ; give answer to me, O Lord : I will keep your rules. 146 My cry has gone up to you ; take me out of trouble, and I will be guided by your unchanging word. 147 Before the sun is up, my cry for help comes to your ear ; my hope is in your words. 148 In the night watches I am awake, so that I may give thought to your saying. 149 Let my voice come to you, in your mercy ; O Lord, by your decisions give me life. 150 Those who have evil designs against me come near ; they are far from your law. 151 You are near, O Lord ; and all your teachings are true. 152 I have long had knowledge that your unchanging word is for ever.
  119:153 RESH   O see my trouble, and be my saviour ; for I keep your law in my mind, 154 Undertake my cause, and come to my help, give me life, as you have said. 155 Salvation is far from evil-doers ; for they have made no search for your rules. 156 Great is the number of your mercies, O Lord ; give me life in keeping with your decisions. 157 Great is the number of those who are against me ; but I have not been turned away from your unchanging word. 158 I saw with hate those who were untrue to you ; for they did not keep your saying. 159 See how great is my love for your orders : give me life, O Lord, in keeping with your mercy. 160 Your word is true from the first ; and your upright decision is unchanging for ever.
  119:161 SHIN   Rulers have been cruel to me without cause ; but I have the fear of your word in my heart. 162 I am delighted by your saying, like a man who makes discovery of great wealth. 163 I am full of hate and disgust for false words ; but I am a lover of your law. 164 Seven times a day do I give you praise, because of your upright decisions. 165 Great peace have lovers of your law ; they have no cause for falling. 166 Lord, my hope has been in your salvation ; and I have kept your teachings. 167 My soul has kept your unchanging word ; great is my love for it. 168 I have been ruled by your orders ; for all my ways are before you.
  119:169 TAU   Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me wisdom in keeping with your word. 170 Let my prayer come before you ; take me out of trouble, as you have said. 171 Let my lips be flowing with praise, because you have given me knowledge of your rules. 172 Let my tongue make songs in praise of your word ; for all your teachings are righteousness.

A Song of the going up.

120:1     In my trouble my cry went up to the Lord, and he gave me an answer. 2 O Lord, be the saviour of my soul from false lips, and from the tongue of deceit. 3 What punishment will he give you ? what more will he do to you, you false tongue ? 4 Sharp arrows of the strong, and burning fire. 5 Sorrow is mine because I am strange in Meshech, and living in the tents of Kedar. 6 My soul has long been living with the haters of peace. 7 I am for peace : but when I say so, they are for war.

A Song of the going up.

121:1     My eyes are lifted up to the hills : O where will my help come from ? 2 Your help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. 3 May he not let your foot be moved: no need of sleep has he who keeps you. 4 See, the eyes of Israel's keeper will not be shut in sleep. 5 The Lord is your keeper ; the Lord is your shade on your right hand. 6 You will not be touched by the sun in the day, or by the moon at night. 7 The Lord will keep you safe from all evil ; he will take care of your soul. 8 The Lord will keep watch over your going out and your coming in, from this time and for ever.

A Song of the going up. Of David.

122:1     I was glad because they said to me, We will go into the house of the Lord. 2 At last our feet were inside your doors, O Jerusalem. 3 O Jerusalem, you are like a town which is well joined together; 4 To which the tribes went up, even the tribes of the Lord, for a witness to Israel, to give praise to the name of the Lord. 5 For there seats for the judges were placed, even the rulers' seats of the line of David. 6 O make prayers for the peace of Jerusalem; may they whose love is given to you do well. 7 May peace be inside your walls, and wealth in your noble houses. 8 Because of my brothers and friends, I will now say, Let peace be with you. 9 Because of the house of the Lord our God, I will be working for your good.

A Song of the going up.

123:1     To you my eyes are lifted up, even to you whose seat is in the heavens.   See ! as the eyes of servants are turned to the hands of their masters, and the eyes of a servant-girl to her owner, so our eyes are waiting for the Lord our God, till he has mercy on us.   Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us : for all men are looking down on us.   For long enough have men of pride made sport of our soul.

A Song of the going up. Of David.

124:1     If it had not been the Lord who was on our side (let Israel now say) ; 2 If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men came up against us ; 3 They would have made a meal of us while still living, in the heat of their wrath against us: 4 We would have been covered by the waters ; the streams would have gone over our soul ; 5 Yes, the waters of pride would have gone over our soul. 6 Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be wounded by their teeth. 7 Our soul has gone free like a bird out of the net of those who would take her : the net is broken, and we are free. 8 Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

A Song of the going up.

125:1     Those whose hope is in the Lord are like the mountain of Zion, which may not be moved, but keeps its place for ever. 2 As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people, from this time and for ever. 3 For the rod of sinners will not be resting on the heritage of the upright ; so that the upright may not put out their hands to evil. 4 Do good, O Lord, to those who are good, and to those who are upright in heart. 5 But as for such as are turned out of the straight way, the Lord will take them away with the workers of evil. Let peace be on Israel.

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