"Basic English has two chief purposes:
  1. To serve as an international auxiliary language ; that is to say, a second language for use throughout the world in general communication, commerce, and science.
  2. To provide a rational introduction to normal English ; both as a first step, complete in itself, for those whose national language is not English, and as a grammatical introduction, encouraging clarity of thought and expression, for English-speaking peoples at any stage of proficiency."
    - - C. K. OGDEN.

Basic English:
International Second Language

A revised and expanded version of The System of Basic English

C. K. Ogden
Authorized by the Orthological Institute and prepared by
E. C. Graham
Editor of The Basic Dictionary of Science

With a Foreword by
L. W. Lockhart
Former Assistant Director, Orthological Institute

Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York

Copyright © 1968 by Orthological Institute