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Miscellaneous Rules, Insights and Comments

Here in are some insights, rules, and comments by Ogden about the usage of Basic English found in various of his writings. Many are bows to realities and not necessarily to be taught to the beginning learner, but are important to the "intermediate" or "media" basic that will be used in general writing as Basic English. Works Ogden started but never completed - a researcher might study his papers (archived as C.K.Ogden Library at University College London) and those of the Basic English Foundation (archived as Lauwerys' Collection at University of London).
Planned, but may not have been started
"Computers must be taught to respond to a limited vocabulary and to a simplified grammar and syntax. Is it altogether fanciful to imagine that the routine business of the world of A.D. 2100 will be run by a population of computers chattering to one another in Basic? What else should they speak?" - BE:ISL, 1968
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About this Page: MiscRule -- Miscellaneous rules, comments and insights about Basic extracted from various writings of Ogden regarding allowed usage of Basic English.
Last updated May 28, 2005 -- add verbs from nouns.
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