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Black Print.   Words in black print are used in their root senses.

Sloping Print.   Words in sloping print are used as different sorts of words from the black-print words (for example, liquid used as the name, not of a thing, but of a quality).

The signs (S) and (E).
Words with (S) after them are used in special senses.
Words with (E) after them are used in senses which are expansions.
When two or more examples are given of any sense, only the first of these has special print or the sign (S) or (E).
Words formed by the addition of an ending which are not marked (E) come straight after the sense to which they are nearest. Those marked (E) come at the end of the group of examples.

Only the commoner -er  forms are given, and for most of the words which have -ing  and -ed  forms it has been judged enough to give only one or the other. The -ly  forms are given only when their range of sense is more limited than, or, different from, that of the word from which they are formed.

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