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- C -
You may have a cake with your milk.
There is only one bit of cake on the plate.
Put a new cake (E) of soap in the bathroom.
The soap is caked in your hair.
Her shoes are caked with earth.
He got out his camera to take a picture of the view.
The cover is made of canvas to keep out the wet.
He gave me a card with his name on it.
I am against playing cards (E) for money.
Take great care when you are driving.
These boys are in my care (E) and I will not let them go.
Who is caring for the fowls while she is away
My old father was a great care (E) to us when he was ill.
Her face is so lined with care (E) that she seems old.
He still keeps a horse and carriage in the country.
The railway carriage (E) was full.
There was trouble about the carriage (E) of the goods.
How much will the carnage E on this box be ?
The milk cart makes a noise.
Why is that man carting our coal away?
We are getting the carter to take the boxes away.
A dog and a cat have little in common.
The fall was the cause of his death.
You are causing unnecessary trouble.
You have no cause (E) for fear.
He is a worker for the cause (E) of peace.
Your cause (E) comes before the judge today
We had no certain knowledge where you were.
That young man Will certainly do well.
I am certain (E) that I am right-
Jane said certain (E) things which made me angry.
A bucket on a chain was let down into the hole.
I saw a man chaining his dog to the rail.
That was a surprising chain (E) of events.
This water has chalk in it.
Here is a red chalk (E) for the blackboard.
There are lines chalked on the floor.
The working of chance is very strange.
Here is a chance (E) for you to make money.
There is still no change in the weather.
They are changing their dresses for the dance.
Conditions are changing everywhere.
Have you any small change (E) for a ten shilling note ?
You might get that note changed changed in a store.
Here is the shilling change (E) from your note.
There are some cheap things in the window.
The play is full of cheap (E) humour.
Some sorts of cheese have a. strong smell.
The woman put a great cheese on the table.
He made a chemical test of the liquid.
A strong chemical has made the holes.
The boy's chest is very narrow.
The old chest (E) is full of jewels.
Coal-mining is one of Britain’s chief industries.
The opinion of the chief is respected.
Her chin is very pointed.
This beautiful church is 400 years old.
They went to church every Sunday.
Much of the property of the church (E) was taken by Henry VIII
Make a circle the size of a penny.
There is an airplane circling round the town.
The house is circled by trees.
Our discussion circle (E) had a meeting last night.
It is a very clean house.
Servants do the cleaning and cooking.
The pot will have to be cleaned with a wire brush.
Send this dirty coat to the cleaner today.
The water is as clear as a looking-glass.
It is quite clear (E) that he is wrong.
He gave his views clearly and simply.
The lines on this map are not clear (E) enough.
One sees the houses clearly from over here.
Get the room clear (E) for the meeting.
The church clock is slow.
This is good cloth for a winter coat.
All the little girls were clothed (E) in white.
He gave her an old cloth (E) for a duster.
The boy had no warm clothing (E) for the winter.
A black cloud is a sign of rain.
The sky is clouded now.
He went down the road in a cloud (E) of dust.
The news was a cloud (E) on the meeting.
Her eyes were clouded with pain.
There is enough coal for all the fires.
The sailors are coaling the ship.
The gardener took off his coat before starting work.
There was a new coat (E) of paint on the door.
My shoes are coated with dust.
There is a cold wind today.
He gave her a cold (E) look.
She said coldly that she had no desire to
She got a cold (E) through getting wet.
His coat collar was turned up.
Blue is the most beautiful colour in my opinion.
The blood from the fish is colouring the water.
There are some coloured prints in the book.
There was a comb on her dressing-table.
My mother is better at combing my hair than I am.
Give your hair a comb (E) before you go out.
The postman will come to the door.
I am not happy about the coming (S) meeting between them.
We have come (E) four miles to see you.
The button has come (E) off my coat.
Mr. Robinson was living in comfort by himself.
Whiskey is a comforting drink on a cold night.
The news gave some comfort (S) to the unhappy man.
The mother is comforting her crying baby.
You were her only comforter at that sad time.
A fire is a great comfort (E) in cold weather.
The competition was judged by a committee of experts.
These diseases are common in Warm countries.
It is commonly said that he is in debt.
Your friend is a common (E) man in every way.
The two brothers had no common (E) interests.
Her company gave him great pleasure.
When I am in the company of such persons, I keep quiet
The English opera company (E) is in America now.
Everyone Working for the company got a part of the profits.
It is foolish to make a comparison between persons so different.
There is great competition in business.
There is to be a sports competition (E) between the schools.
The structure will be complete in a year.
The news was a complete (E) surprise to me.
The army was completely overcome.
Prices are fixed by a complex system of government control.
The apparatus is a complex of wheels and pipes.
She has a complex (E) about her mother.
The wounded man’s condition is very serious.
The machine was in good condition when I saw it.
That you go to Africa is a condition (E) of the agreement.
Our options are conditioned (E) by our early training.
Your statement seems to have no connection with the facts.
There is trouble in connection with the payments.
There is a bad connection (E) between the two electric wires
He is building up connection (E) for his business.
He was conscious all through the operation.
I suddenly became conscious of my danger.
The girl was not conscious that she had done wrong.
The general manager has control over all the business.
The teacher is not good at controlling his boys.
The price of fish is controlled by the government.
The airplane controls (E) were damaged.
These cakes were made by our cook this morning.
I was cooking the meal all the morning.
At that hotel the cooking is very good.
A gas cooker (S) is cleaner than a coal fire.
Plates made of copper are used in this printing process
There was a bright copper kettle on the shelf.
He gave me some coppers (E) to get his papers.
The room is a copy of an old one.
The little boy is copying his father.
This picture was clearly copied by an expert.
The writer gave me a copy (E) of his book.
Get some strong cord for hanging the pictures.
The goat had a cord round its neck.
The box had to be corded because the lock was broken.
The hat is covered with cork inside to keep out the sun.
There is a cork ring between the metal parts.
I am unable to get the cork (E) out of the bottle.
Take care that the bottle is corked before you put it away.
Underclothing made of cotton is not warm.
There is no cotton in the needle.
The girl had on white cotton gloves.
We saw fields of cotton (E) on our journey through India.
Was that sound a cough or a laugh?
The baby is coughing and sneezing.
She gets a cough (E) every winter.
The town and the country have different attractions.
There is no flat country in Wales.
Every country (E) has its flag.
The bed has a blue cover on it.
The old woman was covering her eyes with her hand.
Everything in the room was covered with dust.
Put the cover (S) on the pot.
The tree gave them cover (E) from the sun.
All the points were covered (E) in our talk.
Only the outer covering (E) of the parcel was wet.
We keep a cow to give us milk.
The water came through a crack m the vessel
The family were all cracking nuts round the fire
Don t put the cracked cup with the others
The driver made a loud crack (E) with his whip
The horsemen were cracking their whips
He was unable to get credit at any of the stores
He has no money, so his creditors will get nothing from him
My bank says that my credit (E) is £100
The bank manager is crediting your account with this money.
My brother got no credit (E) for the discovery.
I was crediting you with good taste.
It is a crime to take another man’s property
It would be a crime (E) to let all this food be wasted.
It is very cruel to keep animals without food.
Give the berries a crush with your fork.
This is a machine for crushing grain.
The newspaper got crushed in my handbag.
The sailor gave a cry of pain.
The man in the water is crying 'Help !’
Fear kept the boy from crying out.
The poor boy was having a quiet cry (E) in the schoolroom.
The baby is crying because it is tired.
I gave her a cup made in China.
There is a strong current in this part of the river.
The electric current (E) has been cut off.
He was only voicing the current views about war.
There is no curtain across the window.
Half of the room is curtained off for use as a bedroom.
The stage was dark when the curtain (S) went up.
There is a curve in the road at that place.
The little cat is curving its tail.
The cupboard has a curved front.
Put this cushion under your head.
The seats are all cushioned in the theatre.
The police were looking at the cut telephone wires.
The bread was cut by a machine.
Make it shorter by cutting an inch or two off.
The cook has a cutter for making small cakes.
I got a cut on my arm in the fight.
The dress is badly cut (E) though the cloth is good.
judging by the cut (E) of his coat, he isn't English
The government has made a cut (E) in the price of wool.
All these cuttings (E) are about my son's book.

- D -
The insurance man saw the damage done by the fire.
The books have been damaged by water.
That is a very damaging (S) statement to make.
He got £50 damages (E) from the company.
The red light is a sign of danger on the roads.
We are in great danger of being overcome by the smoke
Bad drivers are a danger (E) to everyone.
It was a dark night, without moon or stars.
Fear of the dark is quite common.
My new dress is dark (E) blue with a light blue collar.
They have a daughter but no son.
We were at the hotel for one day and then we went to friends.
It was a cold day (E) with no sun.
In my mother's day (E), air transport was not common
The man was dead before help came.
That point of view is dead (E) now.
Eggs are dear in the winter.
She is a very dear (E) friend.
She said, “ My dear, how good it is to see you !"
Though loving him dearly, she let him go.
His early death was a great blow.
In death (E) all men are equal.
The amount of his debt is £100.
He got into debt (E) and was sent to prison.
The judge gave a decision against the prisoner.
A man of decision (E) is needed for the work.
The sea is deep where the boat went down.
The water is 4 feet deep (E) at this point.
The old man kept his money deep in the earth.
That is a very deep (E) book you are reading.
She is deeply interested in education.
Her eyes are deep (E) blue.
She has a deep (E) voice like a man's.
Every tenth t degree on the scale is marked in red.
The weather is one degree (S) warmer today.
There are 90 degrees in a right angle.
He got some degree (E) of pleasure out of it.
These insects have very delicate wings.
Though everyone says she is delicate (S) she is never ill.
He is a writer with a very delicate (E) sense of rhythm.
Map-making is delicate (E) work.
Moronia has been a dependent country for 100 years.
One gets very dependent (E) when one is old.
I have the general design of my book worked out.
Her dress has a design (S) oi flowers on it.
We are going to see the designs (E) for the new opera house.
I am designing our new house myself.
Her daughter is a designer of woman’s dresses.
What is your design (E) for your boy's future ?
It was by design that they came here.
She is designing to get her daughter married.
Her observation was designed to make you angry.
I have a desire to see other countries.
All the time he was desiring to be free,
You will give the desired answer if you are wise.
An order has been given for the destruction of all the bridges.
Every detail of the agreement is fixed.
There is no time for detailing all our experiences.
A judge has to have a detailed account of the crime.
The loss of a pound is not a detail (S) to a poor man.
There is a great need for the development of new industries.
This latest political development (E) may be serious.
He sent his sons to different schools.
A person with a bad digestion has very little interest in food
The road goes in the direction of London.
The sound came from the direction in which he had gone.
He is responsible for the direction (E) of the business.
I gave him directions (E) how to get there.
Her hands were dirty from putting coal on the fire.
He got the reward by a dirty (E) trick.
Experts were surprised by the discovery oi this new metal.
The boy took his discovery (E) to the police.
They were having a discussion about language.
He has had a serious disease of the heart for years.
I have a feeling of disgust for animals such as worms.
The woman went away in disgust when she saw the pigs.
His behaviour at meals is disgusting for a boy of twelve.
We were all disgusted by his dirty stories.
They had a long distance to go that day.
Men have almost overcome distance (S) by their inventions.
The letters are clear at a distance (E) of 3 yards.
Seen in the distance, the town is beautiful.
There will be a distribution of clothing to the poor.
In Russia the distribution (E) of money has been changed.
The box has one division for pencils and one for pens.
There is a division (E) between the houses.
They made a division (E) of the money among them.
We were learning to do division (E) in school today.
There is a division(E) of opinion on that question.
Will you do something for me ?
What time do you go to your office ?
This garden does not get enough sun.
While you do (S) the room, I will get a meal ready
One bottle of milk will do (E) for us today.
If you are ever in town, do (E) come and see us.
Some of his doings (E) were common knowledge.
When the potatoes are done (S) I will give you your meal.
He sent his dog after the sheep.
That man has been dogging (E) me all day.
The lock of the door is broken.
He has no doubt about what to do.
My word has never been doubted till now.
They were going down the mountain.
If the cat is unable to get down I will go up the tree for it.
Two trees in the street are down (S) after the wind last night.
The smell of a drain is very unhealthy.
This part of the country is drained by two rivers.
I put the potatoes in the drainer to get them dry.
War payments are draining (E) our gold away.
The paper is in the drawer of the writing-table.
Joan puts on a different dress every day.
An interest in dress (E) is natural to women,
My daughter is in her room dressing for the dance.
She is not as well dressed as her mother.
The medical man put a dressing (E) on the burn.
I am good at dressing wounds.
The cook made an oil dressing (E) for the cold fish.
In the country, they make a drink from the leaves of this plant.
It is not possible to get drink (S) here after 11 at night.
The horse is having a drink (E) at the river.
The man had no experience of driving an automobile.
Only the driver was taken to hospital.
I saw him when we were driving (E ) to the station.
The man and his dog are driving (E) the sheep across the road.
She let a drop of coffee go on the cloth.
He gave me a dropper for putting the oil in my eye.
What is the cause of the drop (E) in the birth rate ?
Much of the fruit is dropping from the trees.
Food was dropped to the island from an airplane
The earth is very dry because there has been no rain
Margaret is drying the cups with a cloth.
Our wet clothing is drying in front of the fire.
Some dried fish was hanging on a hook.
After half an hour under the drier her hair was quite dry.
There are more than enough dry (E) books on language.
There is thick dust on the roads.
Her work is dusting the bedrooms.
The servant had a duster (S) in her hand.
He got some gold dust (E) from a miner.
The actor is dusting his hair with powder.
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