- E -
Put cotton wool in your ear to keep out the cold.
We were at the dance till the early hours of the morning.
We get up early on the farm.
\Ve will be married in the early (E) summer.
They were very early (E) at the church.
The boys were sent to bed early as a punishment.
They were turning over the earth before planting the seed.
Most of the nations of the earth (E) have different languages.
The house is on the east side of the town.
They went east to China.
The wind from the east is very cold.
There is sand by the edge of the water.
My gloves are edged with a band of blue.
A wider view of education is taken in schools today.
]ohn's words had the effect of making me angry.
The acid has no effect on the metal.
Education is by degrees effecting a change in public taste.
The stage lights gave the effect (S) of early morning.
There is a broken egg in the basket.
Rubber is an elastic substance.
He has very elastic (E) views about what is right.
I gave her a bit of elastic (E) to keep her stocking up.
The trains are worked by electric power.
Put a knot at one end of the thread.
His work was done by the end (S) of the day.
The meeting will not be ending for some time.
After the war was ended we went to France.
You have put the Wrong ending (E) on the word.
Have a look at the engine of your automobile.
We are waiting for the engine (E) to be put onto the train.
These verses are good enough to be printed.
There is enough bread for all.
The store hasn't enough of this cloth for my purpose
The two rooms are of equal size.
Sarah Bernhardt had no equal on the stage.
There is an error in the account.
I did not even see her.
His playing is now even better than his teacher's.
I will not go to Rome even if you give me the money.
A strange event took place there.
Will his wound ever get better?
Some persons are ever (E) ready to make trouble.
He goes to town every day.
This picture is an early example of the painter's work.
George is a bad example (E) to his sister.
An agreement has been made for an exchange of prisoners.
You are only exchanging one trouble for another.
The exchange (E) has gone up this morning.
There was no answer from the exchange (E) because the wires were down.
They had no knowledge of the existence of such a place.
Latvia came into existence after the war.
Ours is a hard existence (S) but we are used to it.
Metals undergo expansion when heated.
We are hoping for a great expansion of our trade with the U.S.A.
Jjack has not had much experience of driving automobiles.
The new manager is experiencing trouble for the ?rst time.
We have an experienced cook.
I had a strange experience (E) the other night.
My brother is an expert on skin diseases.
We have a very expert driver.
The girls quickly became expert at their new work.
The pain in her eye is caused by nerve-trouble.
The cat is quietly eyeing the bird.
- F -
She was looking at her face in the glass.
The teacher is in front, facing the boys and girls.
There is much dust on the face (E) of the clock.
The collar of the dress is faced with stiffer material.
The prisoner is not facing (E) his trouble in the right way.
It is a fact that death comes to all men.
The baby had a very bad fall down some steps.
There has been no fall (E) in the price of food this year
Woods are beautiful in the fall (E) when the leaves are yellow.
The prisoner made a false statement to the police.
His secret was let out by a false (E) friend.
The girl was false to her sweetheart.
The dress has only false (E) pockets.
Is Tom still living with his family in London?
My family has a long history.
They have no family (E) but they have two dogs.
Do not go very far into the woods.
Mr. Mills' house is the farthest house down that road.
He keeps fifty cows on his farm in the country.
He has gone to do farming in Australia.
This land has been farmed by one family for 100 years.
My father was a farmer, so I am used to farm work.
You will get very fat if you take so much food.
There is not a bit of fat on this meat.
She was taking a fat (E) parcel to the post.
His old mother and father were waiting for him.
Most men have some fear of death.
They sent the women away, fearing the fall of the town.
The cruel ruler is feared by everyone.
He took a feather from the dead bird.
He was very feeble when he first got out of bed.
He made a feeble attempt at a smile.
Richard was a feeble King.
I ‘have no feeling in my fingers.
The insect puts in its feelers (S) when it is touched.
Are you feeling any pain?
It is best to keep angry feelings (S) under control.
You seem to be feeling very happy this morning.
He has no feeling (E) for anyone who is ill.
I was feeling (E) for the matches in the dark.
You are wounding his feelings (E ) by your unkind words.
I saw the r female bird seated on her eggs.
If the dog is a female she will be more loving.
The land is very fertile by the river.
Father Christmas is a fiction which the young take seriously
The book is a work of fiction (S, not a record of fact.
The cows are kept in a field by the river.
Art is not the only field (E) in which this writer is an expert
The dogs were having a fight about a bone.
Women had a long fight before they got equal rights.
The Queen had a ring on one finger of her left hand.
I saw him fingering the cakes,
The letter has been fingered by someone with dirty hands
The discovery of fire was a great step forward.
Angry men are firing the hated ruler’s house.
Before you go, get the fire (E) ready for lighting.
There was a, fire (E) in part of the hospital today.
We got out of the line of fire (E) as quickly as possible.
The men are firing at the birds.
A gun will be fired at the baby's birth.
His hearers were moved by the fire (E) of his words,
A is the first letter of the A.B.C.
This flower is the first I have seen this year,
Whoever gets there first will be given a reward.
My son was first (E) in all the tests.
He got a fish on the end of his line
My father is out fishing in his boat.
Will you have fish (E) or meat, sir?
His collar was fixed with a broken button.
Some stars are fixed (E) but others are moving.
The time of the meeting was fixed (E) by the committee.
He quickly got my broken clock fixed (E) for me.
Every nation has a flag of a different design.
The rod was heated in the flame of the burning gas.
The baby's head is very flat at the back.
The road is quite flat (S) till you get to the mountains.
I put the dress flat on the bed.
They are moving into a flat (E) and letting their house.
The bird made an attempt at flight but its wing was broken.
We will make our long flight in a. small airplane.
The news of his sudden flight (E) from the country was a shock
The room has a polished floor for dancing.
How much wood is needed for flooring this room?
There is not even one flower in the garden.
The fruit trees are flowering early this year.
We are ordering some flowering plants for the ga,den
Do not let that fly get on your food.
Her hand was on a fold of the curtain.
When not in use, this folding table takes very little room
The curtains have been folded and put away.
Our latest folder (E) gives details and prices,
The papers were in a folder (E) on the secretary’s table
Fruit is the best food in the summer months
This skin food (E) is free from all poison
You will be very foolish if you give him money
He put his foot on the worm
There is a town near the foot (E) of the mountain
This is a good place for dancing
He has not made payment for (E) the goods
I am writing this letter for (E) my father, who is ill
Canterbury is noted for (E) its great church
A small group of men were for (E) the King
I will not be at the meeting, for (E) I am going out of town.
The force of the wind is increasing.
There is little force in his argument.
The use of force (S) has a bad efifct on men.
They got in by forcing the door open.
Numbers of men were forced to go down the mines.
There is no way of landing forces (E ) on the island.
When a thing is at rest, the forces (E) acting on it are balanced.
Have you put the knife and fork on the table ?
The gardener was forking the dead leaves into the earth
There is a signboard at the fork (E) in the road.
The snake put out its forked tongue.
The cake had the form of a heart.
The schoolgirls are forming a square.
Steam is formed by water boiling.
Your son has a strange form (E) of the disease.
He had to go through some forms (E) before joining the society.
Put your order for goods on the form (E) sent to you by the store
The ship is going forward at a great rate
The men in the forward positions are under fire
She was shocked by her friend's forward (E) behaviour with the young men
The brown fowl is fat enough for the table
He is getting a silver frame for her picture
The price for framing pictures is very high
They are building the steel frame (E) of the ship.
He is in his room framing (E) an answer to the letter
His statement was so framed as to give no details
The bird got free from the net.
You are quite free to go away at any time
The wheel is moving freely again now.
The owner was giving free (E) drinks to everyone
Has the hotel a room free (E) for tonight .
I am free all day on Sunday
Rain and mist are very frequent in England.
An old friend came to see me
The wind is coming from the north.
My friend from (E) Spain is with me now
The wound from (E) the knife is serious
I saw from his face that he was sad
The sea may be seen from (E) here on a clear day
There was a dirty mark on the front of her dress.
We had a front seat at the theatre
The men at the front (S) are in need of support
The waves were coming over the front (E) this morning.
There isn't much fruits on the trees this year
It is a pleasure to see the fruits (E) of one's work
When you have got your basket full, take the berries to the cook
That green bottle is full of poison.
Please give me full (E) details of your experience
I got up before I was fully awake .
I will take no part in your future discussions.
The girl's future is very uncertain.
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