- G -
There is a beautiful garden at the back of the house.
In school they do gardening two days a week.
I have been gardening all morning.
The garden is looked after by a gardener who comes twice a week.
The town had only one general store.
What is the general reaction to this new decision?
Mr. Montague is generally free in the morning.
You now have a general (E) idea of the night’s events.
The knowledge which you get will be of value.
How are we going to set (E) the box through the door?
The room will quickly get cold without a fire.
I frequently set (E) my shoes made for me.
She was the only girl in the family.
Please give me my letter.
He said he would give her some flowers.
The boy gave the door a push.
The horse gave (E) a kick with his back legs.
I am going to give a talk about insects.
He only gives (E) trouble when he is ill.
There is no glass in any of the windows.
One of the glass ornaments has been broken.
Will you have a glass (E) of milk ?
He has to have glasses (E) for reading.
Every finger of this glove has a hole in it.
They had a fight with the gloves (S) last night.
The King is getting ready to go to the country.
The army went five miles before dark.
Those knives so (E) in this drawer.
That clock is still going (E) after being dropped on the floor
The war is going (E) badly for us.
Joan’s hair went (E) grey before she was thirty.
The milk of the goat was Gandhi's food.
One of the boxes was of gold, one of silver and one of lead
I was given a gold watch on my birthday.
The Bank will not give you gold (S) in exchange for notes.
The insect has bands of gold (E) and black on its body.
She got some gold shoes for the dance.
This picture is a good example of his work.
John has been very good (S) while you were out.
Do good and you will be happy,
This egg is good (E) enough to be used in a cake.
We had gone a good (E) distance by nightfall.
The store has put its cheapest goods (E) in the window.
There is no one form of government which is best for all countries
The men in our present government (E) are all over 40.
He has got a grain of sand in his eye.
Canada sends much of its grain (E) to England,
They are cutting the grass while it is dry.
The wind did a great amount of damage.
Tolstoi is a very great (E) writer.
The grass is very green after the rain.
This shade of green seems blue in a certain light.
The sea was rough and grey under the dark sky.
Why is grey the colour used for warships ?
I got the stick out of his grip with a sudden twist.
While talking, the man was gripping my arm tightly.
First, get a good grip (E) of the senses of the words.
The sailor gave a gripping (E) account of the fight.
He was in the middle of a group of angry men.
The teacher is grouping the girls in threes.
The roots will have no room for growth in that small pot.
I have frequently seen this yellow growth (E) on stone walls.
He had an operation for a growth (E ) in his stomach.
The white light is a guide to ships at night.
A small boat is guiding the ship into the harbour.
It is necessary to take a guide (S) up the mountain.
He was firing his gun at the birds.
- H -
She hasn't one grey hair, though she is sixty.
She was brushing her hair (E) before the looking-glass.
Give me a hammer and some nails.
Someone is hammering nails into the wall.
The waiter put his hand out for the money.
The man-servant is handing him his hat.
This little book was handed to me in the street.
One of the hands (E) of my watch is broken.
His hat and coat were hanging on the door.
These hooks are for hanging the cups on.
It is feared they have been hanging (5) all their prisoners.
Here is a hanger (E) to put your ‘coat on.
The boy is not happy at school.
That is a very happy (E) idea of yours.
Ships come into the harbour every day.
Someone may be harbouring (E) the prisoner who got out.
Put a cushion on that hard seat.
Give it a hard (E) blow with the hammer.
John had been working hard to get the boat ready.
It was very hard (E) to make a decision.
The manager had a hard (E) look on his face.
There is a natural harmony between these colours.
The ornaments are not in harmony with the room.
There is little harmony (S) in most present-day music
She went out with no hat on her head.
His hats come from the best hatter in the town.
There is bitter hate between the two brothers.
This cruel ruler is hated by all.
We all have mothers.
The cook has made the cakes.
Before we go we will have (E) a drink.
My father had (E) those trees cut down.
Have you had (E) any teeth pulled out ?
My brother was happy when he got the reward.
I am certain that it was not you I saw.
If you were there, it was foolish not to say so.
Go and see if it is still raining,
john went to sleep with his head on his arms.
The head (E) of the screw has come off
I saw your name heading the page
The group was headed by a man with a white flag.
My father is the head (E) of the school.
He was reading the headings (E) in the newspaper.
He was strong and healthy before he became ill.
Houses near a river are not healthy (E) in the winter.
Our ears are for hearing with.
He saw that his hearers were moved by his words.
I saw that he was hearing every word.
The old woman’s hearing (E) is not good.
When the policeman was on hearing, the men went on talking.
She was given a hearing (E) by the committee.
The judge was late for the hearing (E) on Friday.
Normally, a person's heart is on the left side oi his body
If you had any heart (E) you would not be so unkind
Napoleon's army had no more heart (E) after he was taken prisoner.
The fireman was overcome by the heat from the burning building.
The food had got cold so I am heating it in the oven.
The hotel has an electric heater (S) in every room.
When water becomes ice heat (E) is given out.
There was more heat (E) than reason in his words.
The two men were having a heated argument.
His friends gave him no help when he was in trouble.
Someone has been helping the prisoners to get away.
The joiner has a boy e pe helper who is learning the trade.
Her knowledge of English was a help (E) to her in India.
Put that box here near me.
They went up a very high mountain.
The room is only four feet high (E) at one end.
The airplane is very high (E) in the sky.
One day you will have a high (E) position in the Church.
Your experience makes you highly valued by the army chiefs.
His knowledge of the history of art is very limited.
He is teaching history (S) in a school.
The fowls got out through a hole in the wall.
He made a pipe out of a hollow stem.
The house is in a hollow with mountains all round it.
I put my hat on a hook on the wall.
The girls have to have help in hooking their dresses up the back.
The fish wasn’t completely hooked, and it got away.
The young are full of hope for the future.
Everyone is still hoping that the airmen are safe.
The event so long hoped for has at last come about.
That cow had her horn broken in a fight.
These glasses have a horn frame.
In the old days horn (E) was used for making spoons.
He is playing the horn (E) in the band tonight.
The farmer has a horse and cart for going to market,
He was taken to the hospital with a broken leg.
In another hour the journey will be over.
They are living in a small house in the country.
The government had great housing troubles after the war.
The hospital is at present housed in an old school.
Go to the boat- house (E) and get out the boat.
He did not see how the trick was done.
The question is "How did the dog get loose ?"
I had no idea how (E) bad your wound was.
Does the letter say how (E) your mother is after her fall?
Paul will be in a bad humour if his girl friend is late.
She keeps the old man happy by humouring him.
His idea of humour (E) is putting on a false nose.
- I -
I was foolish to say I would go.
D0 not go on the ice when it is thin.
Americans have a love of iced drinks.
There is a market for ices (E) inthe warm weather.
He has some new idea about education.
I would go for a swim if the water was warmen
He went to see if (E) the door was locked,
If he is ill send him to the hospital
The end of the war was an important event in history.
I had a strong impulse to say something.
This agreement gave a new impulse (E) to British trade.
He had a number of things in his pocket.
Put the papers in your inner pocket.
Don't put the screw in so near the edge.
Is the manager in (S) today ?
Have you had much experience in in (E) writing short stories?
My son is in (E) the army at present.
Some words are underlined in (E) red ink.
You will have to be ready in (E) five minutes.
This government has been in (E) for ten years.
The government got money by an increase of taxes.
The winds at sea were increasing all the time.
The output of the mine has been increased by the use of new machines
There has been an increase (E) of 6d. in the price of tea.
This is a reward for your industry at school.
The conditions of trade and industry (E) get no better.
There was trouble in the cotton industry (E) last winter.
May I have a pen and ink to do some writing with?
This bad pen is inking my fingers.
A bite from an insect may be serious.
This is an instrument for making holes in leather.
The band were unable to get their instruments (S) into the carriage.
The boy was the unconscious instrument (E) of his father's purpose.
Have you any insurance against fire?
My friend was looking with interest at your new picture.
She has no interest in art.
He has some hope of interesting the manager in his new play.
If his talk is not interesting I will go to sleep.
I am greatly interested in your theory.
The law is against the interests (E) of the small traders.
Philip's chief interests (E) are sailing and fishing.
My brother has an interest (E) in that farm.
The rate of interest (E) at the bank is very low.
Is the radio a greater invention than the steam engine ?
War has been made worse by the invention (E) of new forms of destruction.
Horseshoes are made of iron because it is hard.
The prisoner had an iron chain round his leg.
She was heating an iron (E) on the fire.
The washerwoman has the ironing to do today.
These curtains were ironed while they were wet.
We are going to an island in the Pacific.
- J -
The soap has become a jelly through being in a wet place.
All the little boys were given jelly (S) and cake.
This is the most beautiful jewel ever got from the mine.
The red stone in this jewel (E) has come loose.
Take your ring to a jeweller to have it made smaller.
You will not see the join in the wood when it is painted
The sailor is joining two cords together.
This part of the town is joined to the other by a bridge.
I will get the joiner (E) to put up some shelves.
Have a look at the rules before joining (E) the society.
We will be joined by my daughter after tea.
They are going on a journey across Europe.
At this time Paul was journeying to Antioch.
Father is a very good judge of pictures.
He is not good at judging how others are feeling.
The prisoner gave the judge (S) an angry look.
In England no man is judged without a hearing.
The monkey made a jump from the tree.
Did you see the fish jumping out of the water P
That horse is a good jumper but it is badly trained.
He gave a jump (E) when the gun went off.
- K -
I am going to keep his letter for ever.
You had better keep your knife in your hand.'
Her mother keeps (E) a small general store.
The park keeper is sending the boys away.
We have to have someone to keep (E) the accounts.
The young man kept (E) his word and sent the money
He is a. good son and keeps (E) his old mother.
The woman kept (E) sneezing violently.
No food will keep (E) long in this warm cupboard.
I will put the kettle on the fire for tea.
He quickly took the key out of the lock.
These letters may be a key (E) to the secret of his past.
The music is in the key (E) of C Sharp.
His horse has given him a kick on the leg.
I saw a man kicking a dog.
The ball was kicked over the wall.
I was almost sent over by the kick (E) of the gun.
His brother is a very kind old man.
She gave the baby a kiss when she put it to bed.
I had never had my hand kissed before.
He got a blow on the knee from a stick.
She had the baby on her knee (E) while she was washing it.
There was blood on the knife in his hand.
The sailor was put to death for knifing another man on the ship.
Put a knot at the end of the thread.
Two bits of cord were knotted together.
If there is a knot (E) in that wood it will not do.
He is quickly increasing his knowledge of the business.
Different theories of knowledge (E) have been put forward.
If you do this without his knowledge, he will be very angry.
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