- L -
An island is a bit oflandwith water all round it.
My family will belandingat Southampton tomorrow.
Boxes of wine werelandedfrom a small boat by night.
The condition of workers on theland (S)is now much better.
There was a footstep on the landing (E) outside my bedroom.
There is great need for a language for international use.
Nobody goes to bed early on the last night of the year.
He was the last of his family.
Please do the bathroom last, Mary, and my room first.
It was raining the last (E) time I was here.
It was late in the day when they got here
There are no trains late at night.
We will go to France in the late (E) spring or early summer.
Please do not be late (E) for the meeting again.
He came late and went early.
Our late (E) chief is now in Africa.
His book is about the late Mahatma Gandhi.
The baby gave a happy laugh when his mother came near.
The men were all laughing loudly at Smith’s story.
There is a law against trading on Sunday.
Einstein has made the laws (E) of motion more complex.
A knowledge of English law (E) is not much help in Scotland.
Pipes made of lead are readily bent.
Put a lead weight on the end of the line.
I will put a new lead (E) in my silver pencil.
There was only one leaf on the tree.
One of the leaves (E) of the book is loose.
l‘he process of learning is slow and hard.
This book is for learners oi Basic English.
Are you learning Latin at school?
The teacher had much learning (E) but little common sense.
Pigskin is a good leather for bags.
The young workman had a leather coat on.
He does everything with his left hand.
In England they keep to the left on the roads .
After turning left, go straight on.
A government of the Left (E) would make great changes.
The horse had one leg in the water.
This table has one lee (E) shorter than the others.
Mother will not let me go for a swim.
Do not let the dog in.
I am ready now, so let us make a start.
We have let (E) two rooms in the house.
Some words have only one letter in them.
The library books are lettered and numbered.
I am writing a letter (E) to my father.
Cowper was a man of letters (E) in Georgian times.
The river goes down to this level in the summer.
Your writing is not at the right level for this paper.
The garden has been leveled and grass planted.
There is not one level floor in the building.
He was going into the library to get a book.
I made him an offer for his library (E) of old books.
I had to give the boy a ‘ lift onto the porter’s back.
The father is lilting the baby out of the carriage.
The clouds are lifting and the rain seems to be over
It is necessary to have a lift (E) in this tall building.
The sun sends out light in every direction.
In some towns gas is used for lighting the streets.
The room is not light, though it has two windows.
May I have a new bulb for the light (E) in my room?
Will you give me a light (E) for my cigarette P
I made four attempts at lighting the fire.
I have been given a lighter for my birthday.
A dress of such a light (E) colour will get dirty quickly.
His eyes are very light blue.
These facts have given new light (E) on the question.
A horse is not like a cow.
There is a limit to the amount he will give.
When we are past the town limits we will go more quickly.
All this new work is limiting my time for amusement.
You are taking a very limited (E) view of the question.
The teacher put a line through the wrong words.
He has deep lines of care on his face.
There was a long line (E) of automobiles outside.
The word is on the first line of the page.
Hundreds are lining the streets to see the Queen.
There is a man on the line (E) in front of the train.
The clothing is on the line (E) in the garden.
I have got some linen for a summer dress.
There is a linen cover on the bed.
Most of the linen (S) is still wet.
We all have a short upper lip in our family.
The lip (E) of the bottle was broken off.
He was putting some dark liquid into a bottle.
The chemical is in a liquid form.
Will you give me a list of the names, please P
My mother is listing the things needed for the house.
Your name has been listed under the wrong heading.
The prisoner has had very little food today.
Please put a little sugar in my tea.
It will be less trouble to. go by air-
I see little better with my glasses on !
The weather is a little warmer today.
She is a much less able woman than her sister.
That is the least important reason for going.
He puts little of his money in the bank.
She has less to do when the family is away
I gave the little (E) boy a penny.
The fowls are producing less (E) eggs now.
Your account is £5 less (E) for payment before May 1.
The boy was cutting up a living worm.
I take no interest in living now that she is dead.
Is your family still living (E) in London ?
It is hard to get a living (E) by painting.
It will be wise to put a lock on the door.
I had a good reason for locking the safe.
What is in the locked cupboard ?
It seemed a very long distance to the town.
A bit of wood an inch long (E) was taken out of his thumb.
Have you been waiting long (E) for us ?
May I have a look at the picture now?
No one is looking at the stage.
He certainly has the look (E) of a. seaman.
You are not looking well this morning.
Why did you give me an angry look (E) when I said “ Good morning ”?
Jane is not noted for her looks (E) but she is very kind_
The woman had on a loose coat over her dress.
The cord had been put loosely round the dog’s neck.
Our boat got loose (E) in the bad weather last night.
She has her hair done in loose (E) waves.
The sails are hanging loosely because there is no wind.
We were disgusted by his loose (E) behaviour.
The teacher said it was a loose (E) way of using the word.
Your statement is only loosely true.
He was crushed by the loss of his position.
The old servant was a great loss (E) to the family.
She is troubled about the loss (E) of his letter.
He was talking in a loud voice.
Mr. Walker has a taste for loud (E) clothing.
She was touched by his love for her.
Paul is a very loving son to his mother.
Pericles was much loved by his countrymen.
That he is her lover (S) is a secret from no one.
His first love (E) was a dancer.
Your mother-in-law has a great love (E) of talking.
I have never been a lover of fiction.
These mountains seem low in comparison with the Alps.
When the clouds are low (E) there may be rain.
The airplane came down so low that we saw the man in it.
Some men of low (E) birth become great.
It was a low (E) trick to take the girl's money.
- M -
We have a machine for cutting the grass.
The coats are cut out here and machined in our other building.
I will make a box.
The goods came straight from the maker (S) to the store.
Nothing seems to make (E) her happy.
The teacher made (E) the boy do the Work again.
It is hard to make (E) much money by writing.
Two and two make (E) four.
The colours of male birds are frequently beautiful.
They let no male inside their doors.
Generally a man is taller than a woman.
The sailors were quickly manning the boats as the ship went down
The days of man (E) are short on the earth.
All this trouble has made a man (E) of young George.
My father is the manager of a coal mine.
Caesar was looking at a map of Asia.
The men were mapping out their journey.
She had a dirty mark on her face.
Your dirty fingers are marking your book.
I will put a mark (S) against the name.
Elizabeth is marking the new linen with her name.
My son got high marks (E in the history test.
After the crime he became a marked (E) man.
There has been a marked (E) change in the girl's behaviour.
The pigs were sent to the market yesterday.
There is no market (E) or cotton now.
The government is controlling the marketing of steel.
They are going to be married in the old church.
There is a mass of ice in the river.
Great armies are massing in the north.
What is the mass (E) of this substance ?
The education of the masses (E) is very important.
He put a burning match into the dry grass.
A stone is a material thing.
Only the best materials are used at our works
She has very material (E) views .
It is my opinion that he may be ill.
If she had come earlier we might have had a chance of meeting
If you are tired you may (S) take a rest.
He had a good meal of meat and fruit.
Grain is made into meal (E) for bread.
What is the measure of the box from end to end
Those men are measuring the window-frame.
A mile is a measure (E) of distance.
I said that the meat was not cooked enough
He is in need of medical attention .
There has been no meeting between them for years
My friends will be meeting the ship.
There will be a meeting (S) of the committee tomorrow
The committee is meeting tomorrow.
The question to be put to the meeting (E) is this.
I have a very good memory for faces.
I have no memory (E) of the event.
Ships were not made of metal in Roman times.
The money is kept in a strong metal box.
There is a table in the middle of the room.
Go in by the middle door of the three.
The country is under military rule.
It was necessary for the military to take control.
There is no milk in the house for the baby.
The farmer's daughter is milking the cows.
He has an interesting mind but an unbalanced one.
How did mind (E) come into existence ?
I went down a copper mine yesterday.
Men are needed for mining coal.
At tonight's meeting a miner will be talking about his work.
The old sailor is a mine (E) of interesting stories.
The ship was damaged by a mine (E) at sea.
The road may have been mined in the night.
It takes one minute to get to the station.
I saw him for a minute (E) after the meeting.
The thick white mist made it hard to see the road.
Her glasses were misted by the steam.
The silver was mixed with lead.
It was a very mixed (E ) meeting.
I am very mixed (E ) about what took place.
He has enough money for all his needs.
The keeper made the monkey do its tricks.
February is the shortest month in the year.
The light of the moon came through the window.
Jupiter's moon (E) is a small one.
At two in the morning we got to bed.
It took all the morning (E) to get ready for the journey.
She is the mother of six sons.
Anne is mothering her younger brothers.
The ship's motion made her ill.
The chief made a motion (S) to the others.
The policeman is motioning us to go on.
Two men put forward a motion (E) about the society's rules.
The baby is having regular motions (E) without being given a powder
We saw a high mountain in the distance.
Don't put the food in your mouth so quickly.
The old man was mouthing strange words.
A great stone was covering the mouth (E) of the hole.
The town is at the mouth (E) of the river.
Making a quick move, the prisoner got his arm free.
We saw a ship moving slowly into the harbour.
Baker has been moved to another part of the office.
It was a good move (E) to get a committee formed.
His mother was the chief mover in getting the thing done.
It was a very moving (E) play.
Everyone was much moved by the actor's last words.
There is not much money in your bag.
In the country there is more milk than in the town.
That is the boy I have the most trouble with.
We are all much pleased by your decision.
The news today is more serious than it was yesterday
One's 21st birthday is the most important of all.
I may not say much because it is a secret.
There seem to be more (E) berries on the trees this year.
Let us have no more (E) music tonight.
We will see who gets the most (E) answers right.
It is true that most (E) men have no desire for war.
The needle went into a muscle of his arm.
He is a teacher of music at our school.
The birds are making music (E) in the woods.
He put his music (E) on the top of the piano.
- N -
The key is hanging on a nail by the shelf.
A signboard has been nailed to the tree.
The little girl's finger- nail (E) came off after the blow.
He said his name was David.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown are naming their baby Richard.
He is a man with a bad name (E) in the town.
The men named (E) by the prisoner have got away
This bridge is very narrow and is not for automobiles.
He has no interest outside the narrow (E) field in which he is an expert.
Her father is a very narrow (E) man, and she gets little pleasure.
Estonia became a nation after the Great War.
A tooth is a natural growth.
It now seems quite a natural (E) thing to go by air.
We did not go near enough to see them clearly.
She is living quite near her friend.
I am a near relation of the girl.
Have you got the necessary money for the journey?
The cloth round his neck was old and dirty.
The horse had a fall and its neck was broken.
Dresses have low necks (E) this year.
There was a crack in the neck of the bottle.
There is no need for you to have a ticket.
This is work needing great attention.
These flowers are in need (S) of water.
Men are needed in the mines.
My greatest need (E) is clean clothing.
She was threading a needle with white cotton.
I had no more pain after the nerve of the tooth was taken out.
It takes nerve (E) to be a horse-trainer.
The airman was nerving himself for the jump down.
Do you get an attack of nerves (E) when you give a talk?
The gardener has put a net over the fruit trees.
There is no hope of netting any fish in this weather.
My dress has an overskirt of net (E) with silk under it.
I will put up some clean net curtains.
This new material is stronger than steel.
I haven’t had a new (S) coat for five years.
Have you had any news from your son in America ?
It was a dark night with no stars.
We had a meal together the night (E) after he got back from Italy.
There is no reason for this outburst.
Come no later than 4.
The girl in the box-office said “ No (E), we haven't any seats for today."
Don’t make such a noise when I'm working.
That strange little noise (E) is made by an insect.
Trade conditions are not normal after a war.
If a boy is not quite normal (S) he is sent to a special school
This room has a north window.
The airplane was heading north for Scotland.
It is colder in the north than in the south.
He got his nose broken in the fight.
A dog was nosing about on the grass.
We are not going to Paris this year.
It is best not to get angry.
There was not much poison in the bottle.
I have given this question not a little thought.
He was making a note in his little book.
There is a note at the foot of the page.
The policeman is noting down the automobile's number
The secretary sent me a note (E) putting off the meeting.
The learner was reading the notes (E) of the music slowly.
In this song the top notes (E) will be out of your range.
Please give me a £1 note (E) in exchange for this silver.
The book is by a very noted (E)) writer.
Will you have some tea now or later ?
You may have a key now (E) that you are twenty-one.
The number on the door is 15.
I sent the letter without numbering the pages.
The number (E) of days in the week is seven.
There are a number (E) of pictures on the walls.
This month's number (E) of the paper is a good one.
We gave a nut to the monkey.
Put the nut (E) on the screw.
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