- O -
This book is based on the observation of behaviour.
He was kept under observation at the hospital.
He made the observation (E) in my hearing.
The legs of the table are not polished.
I saw the prison walls of grey stone in front of me.
The Queen's hat was of the same colour as her dress
The society is for the care of animals.
Take a glass of warm water every morning.
Have you had news of your son this week ?
Will you get the top off that bottle for me ?
Take your coat off if you are warm.
My sister went off (E) without seeing me.
The street lights are put off (E) at two in the morning.
Her father made her an offer of help.
I have been offered a position in your office.
What was the highest offer (S) for the house ?
The young man took her an offering (E) of flowers.
The manager is in his office every day.
Fish may be cooked in oil or butter.
John is oiling the wheels of the machine.
My mother is an old woman now.
I went to see my old (E) school when I was in Bath.
Our son is three years' old (E) now.
The kettle is on the fire.
He kept his coat on though the room was warm
London is on (E) the river Thames.
His daughter is seated on his right.
Is your new book based on (E) fact ?
Frequent attacks were made on (E) the town from the air.
He made a statement on the government's position.
Our heating system is not on (E) so the water is cold.
The play will go on (E) though the chief actor is dead
She is not only foolish, but unkind.
Mary is still only a girl.
I gave the only money I had.
A girl was seated at the open window.
Don't keep opening and shutting that door.
Her private drawer had been opened while she was out.
You'll have to have a tin- opener to get that tin open.
All round the house we have Open (E) country.
They were quite open (E) about their love.
Some of his old supporters are openly against him now.
The value of competition as an open (E) question.
The dog got through an opening (E) in the wall.
The paper is cut and folded in one operation by this machine.
He has had an operation (S) on his nose.
He gave us his expert opinion free.
In my opinion he is right.
They went in opposite directions.
The house is opposite the park.
Right is the opposite of wrong.
Will you have tea or coffee ?
The ‘ queen ', or mother-bee, does no work.
I take an orange every morning.
The wings have bands of orange (E) and black.
The sun is like an orange ball in the sky.
The questions are in the same order as the answers.
The head teacher is unable to keep order (E) in his school.
Napoleon gave his men the order (E) to go forward.
The owner has sent a letter ordering us to get out of the house.
If you give us an order (E) we will send the goods by post.
Has enough coal been ordered for the winter?
Men of the Franciscan order (E) are dressed in brown.
The King was pinning an order (E) to the man's coat.
Some form of organization is necessary in every society
She is head of an organization (E) for clothing the poor.
I was pleased with his organization (E) of the journey.
The pockets are for ornament only, not for use.
The cook is ornamenting the cake with sugar flowers.
The Japanese girl had an ornament (E) in her hair.
Here are some other examples of his work.
If that door is shut the other may be open.
Opening her bag, she took out her lipstick and powder.
The parcel had an outer cover of thick brown paper.
Father went out (S) without saying he was going.
I put out (E) my hand to get the matches.
A storekeeper puts his goods out (E) in the window.
Will your new book come out before the summer ?
You might get that ink mark out (E) by putting milk on it.
The boiler is going out (E) because the coal is so bad.
The meat has been in the oven for some time.
There is a hole in the roof over your head.
They put a great cloth over (E) the dead man.
The train was going over (E) a bridge.
The cup will be over (E) full if you put any more in.
There will be no bread over (E) after everyone has had some.
The wind is turning over (E) the pages of my book.
The dance will not be over (E) before morning.
If your talk is ready I will go over (E) it with you.
Who is the owner of the property ?
- P -
There is an error on page 62 of this book.
The paging of the book is wrong.
Who has taken the front page (E) of the newspaper ?
The baby had a bad pain in her stomach.
Is your leg paining you today ?
Bill's friends were pained (E) because he didn't go to see them.
Get some green paint for the front of the house.
My son is painting his automobile red.
We have the painters in the house this week.
Your girl friend puts on paint (S) and powder.
The woman was painting (E) a picture of the church.
Is Van Gogh a greater painter than Cezanne ?
Whistler's painting (E) of his mother is a great picture
There is some writing paper on the table.
We have been papering the room ourselves.
I had an important paper (E) here, and now it has gone.
Is there much news in the paper (E) this morning?
He is writing a paper (E) on Lister for the medical society.
These two lines are parallel to one another.
He put forward a parallel (E) theory in another field.
The story of Alexander has no parallel in history.
The goods were put in a parcel and sent by post.
Mother is parcelling up a cake to send to you.
The farmer gave his son a part of the land.
I saw a hand parting the branches.
For use as a mouthwash, put two parts (S) of the liquid with three of water.
What was your part (E) in this cruel act P
Sybil Thorndike had the chief part in the play.
My sister has a parting in her hair now.
She was sad at parting (E) from her sweetheart.
History is a record of past events.
The old man's memory of the past is as clear as ever.
Your friend is going past the house now.
The prisoners are walking L past in a long line.
The cook put fish paste on the bread.
I got everything covered with paste (S) when I was papering the room.
In school Mary has been pasting pictures onto cardboard.
He got no payment for the first year's work.
He will have no money after the payment (E) of his debts.
After the war, the nations had peace for a long time.
There is no peace (E) in a great town.
The point of my pen has got broken.
The note was penned while the boy was waiting.
The picture was done with a pencil and chalk.
Some notes have been pencilled i at the foot of the page.
She is the strangest person I have ever seen.
Fictions have no physical existence.
All the boys do physical (S) training at school.
This is a picture of my horse.
In Botticelli's painting, Spring is pictured as a beautiful woman.
My actor friend is making a picture (S) at Hollywood.
His book gives a good picture oi farming conditions.
I have been picturing you in Australia.
The taste of a pie is better than its smell.
The card was fixed by a pin to the parcel.
The dress I am making is pinned together now.
The wheel came off because the pin (E) had come out.
We have a burst pipe in the bathroom.
Water is piped to the house from the spring.
We saw a man playing a pipe (S) and dancing.
At the sound of his piping all the rats came out.
When the rats had gone the piper came for his payment.
The old man was smoking his pipe (E) after his meal.
This is the place where Cromwell's house was.
They are placing seats at the back of the stage
There will be a place (S) kept for you at the table.
We are moving to a place (E) in the country.
You have a red place (E) on your neck.
Jean is kept in her place (E) by her older sister.
Mrs. Williams has taken a place (E) as a cook.
The joiner was using a plane to get the board smooth.
The workman was planing the wood for the new door.
The painter is interested in planes (E) and angles.
Those airplanes with two planes (E) are used for training.
Art is on a different plane (E) from religion.
We keep a green plant in our window-box.
The farmer is planting potatoes in that field.
My father's brother is a planter (E) in Malaya.
It is necessary to put in new plant (E) for the new process.
I gave the boy a clean plate and knife.
The American was putting a plate (E) in his camera.
The box is plated (E) with gold.
All work and no play is bad for anyone.
There is a small boy playing in the square outside.
The school is acting a play (E) in the open air.
Mary was quite happy playing (E) the piano.
You are still playing the same music as last year.
They are playing (E) football in the rain.
All the players have on red and blue trousers
Will you please give me some more tea?
His new play seems to be pleasing the public.
She has a very pleasing face.
My father will not be pleased by my decision.
Dancing gives pleasure to the senses.
The garden is a great pleasure (E) in the summer.
The farmer is guiding the plough/plow across the field.
We will not get all the ploughing/plowing done today.
Come out of that ploughed/plowed field quickly
There is some money in the pocket of my coat.
The man went out, pocketing the change.
The point of the pencil is broken.
The hands of the clock are pointing to twelve.
When she got on the scales the pointer went to 140 pounds.
Make a little point (E) on the paper with your pen.
I almost went back at one point (E) in my flight.
My chief point (E) in coming was to see the house.
The judge made three points (E) in his talk.
All the players have four points (E) now.
The unhappy man took some poison and is very ill.
The rats will be poisoned if they take this bread.
Who was the poisoner of this poor woman.
The table has such a high polish that you may see yourself in it.
The servant is polishing the brass ornaments.
The old man had a fall on the polished floor.
She was rubbing some polish (E) on her shoes.
He might get some polish (E) if he went more into society.
Cicero was a very polished writer.
The newspapers said the political position was serious.
They are so poor that they have no shoes.
The woman was poorly dressed and seemed ill.
This is very poor (E) material.
This watch is very poorly made.
No one saw that the poor (E) woman was crying.
I will get a porter to put your bags on the train
There was a very tall porter (E) at the door of the hotel.
The house has a beautiful position on a slope.
He has a responsible position (E) in the company.
The girl kept in the same position (E) for half an hour.
It is quite possible that there will be war.
David says he may possibly be in London that week.
The potatoes are in the pot on the fire.
Will you get some potted meat from the store ?
The fish is salted in a vessel of pot (E) or wood.
Some beautiful examples of the potter's (E) art come from China.
The cook is cutting up a potato to put in the soup.
Enough water was mixed with th powder to make a stiff paste.
The woman put some powdered glass in his coffee.
You haven't enough powder (S) on your nose.
The actor's hair was powdered to make him seem older.
They gave the baby a powder (E) at the hospital.
His strange voice has the power of making one go to sleep.
That building is an electric power ( station.
Fathers no longer have much power ( over their sons.
America has become a great power (E in the last hundred years.
He has no part in the present organization of the bank.
There is no time like the present for getting things done.
He was present (E) at the meeting.
The new taxes will make the price of everything go up.
Most stores are pricing goods lower this month.
I'm unable to see this print clearly without my glasses.
You will see your name in print tomorrow.
The invention of printing made cheap books possible.
When they got married they sent printed card to all their friends.
To become a printer a long training is necessary.
Some very beautiful prints (S) are done by the Japanese.
Robinson Crusoe saw the print (E) of a foot in the sand.
I will give you a print (E) of the picture I took.
A man got out of the prison by pulling away some bricks.
E All the hate long prisoned in his heart was in that look.
He was a prisoner (E) in the Bastille for 18 years.
The land is my private property.
I will have a private (E) talk with her tomorrow.
Rain is probable tonight.
When Mary is older she will probably not be so fat.
Digestion is a process of chemical change.
We have got a new process (S) for making records.
There will be a law process (E) if the agreement is broken.
The processed (E) cheese is in silver paper.
He made money by marketing the produce of his farm.
The nation is producing more goods than before the war
Though prices are high, the producer makes only a small profit.
One may be a good producer (E) without being a good actor.
At present he is producing a play by a new writer.
Mr. Smith makes a great profit out of the business.
The boys got no profit (E) from learning Latin.
l am profiting by my rest in the country.
If anyone takes my property he will get into trouble.
He is the owner of much property (S) in the town.
He is testing the properties (E) of certain acids.
Scott was a greater writer of prose than of verse.
A There was a general protest against his punishment.
A number of persons have been protesting about that loud radio.
The prisoner is still protesting (E) that he did not do it.
The books in the public library are in bad condition.
The full story was not made public (E) till after her death.
The gardens are open to the public from 10 till 5.
He gave a hard pull and the tooth came out.
Mother was angry with ]im for pulling the cat's tail.
His name gives him a pull (E) with the newspapers.
Sailors are working the Pump to get the water out.
Not enough water was pumped up this morning.
He will be given a punishment by the military authorities.
Public opinion is against punishment (E) by death.
The journey had no purpose but pleasure.
In my opinion john is purposing to go away for ever.
The angry boy gave the door a push with his foot.
The boat was pushed into the water by two sailors.
A certain amount of push (E) is necessary in business.
Mother has put the tea-things on the table.
The rain will put the fire out.
It is impossible to put (E) the idea more clearly.

- Q -
There is a pleasing quality about his work.
He has the qualities (S) which make a good ruler.
This cloth is of a better quality (E) than that I had before.
He had an answer to every question put by the meeting.
The police are questioning a man about the crime.
He gave a talk on the question (E) of arming the police.
There is time for a quick meal before the theatre.
He has a very quick (E) mind.
The house was very quiet after the boys went out.
I was pleased by the quiet of the country.
The police have very quiet (E) horses.
Helen's hair is quite gray now.
He is quite (E) a good writer, but not first-rate.
- 116 -
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