- R -
There is an iron rail at the side of the steps.
They are railing ofi half the field.
The engine went off the rails (E) near the station.
The field has a railing (E) to keep in the sheep.
The umbrella will keep the rain oft your hat.
It is still raining hard.
Blows were rained on his head by an unseen hand
The railway goes over a range of mountains.
The military were ranged on all sides of the square.
We have a wide range (E) of goods in our store.
Their guns have a longer range (E) than ours.
The dog went after the rat in the outhouse.
The bank's rate of interest is 3%.
D You seem to me to be rating his value to us very high.
You will get an idea of the rate (S) of the airplane by looking down
I saw a thin ray of light under the door.
rom this point roads go raying out in all directions.
The starfish had one ray (E) longer than the others.
The natural reaction to a loud noise is a jump.
When the liquids are mixed, a reaction (E) takes place between them.
In later years she had a reaction (E) against religion.
The forces of reaction (E) are keeping the Government in.
I am not interested in reading fiction.
There was a new news reader on the radio tonight.
He said that he was reading my book.
He is giving the society a reading (S) from his book.
There are six different readings (E) of that line.
We are getting out a new reader (E) with interesting stories.
The room is ready for the meeting.
These apples will not be ready (S) till October
I am quite ready (E) to do any sort of work.
Tin is readily (E) bent.
There is a good reason for his desire to get away.
Let reason (E), not impulse, be your guide.
There is an error in the reasoning on which the opinion is based.
The judge will give a reasoned opinion.
The store gave me a receipt for the money.
This rubber stamp is for receipting the accounts.
We keep a record of births and deaths.
This little book is for recording the events of every day.
These interesting details are not recorded in the history books.
They put on dance records (S) at all hours of the day.
The play has been recorded to be given on the radio.
The boy had a good record (E) at school.
Peter has the swimming record (E) for the school.
There is news of a record flight from London to Bombay
The British flag is red, white, and blue.
The chief roads are marked in red on the map.
She was full of regret for her foolish words.
His death is not regretted by any of his family.
The building is regular in form.
The trees were planted in regular order round the square.
ln the garden were flower-beds regularly spaced.
The boy had never had regular (E) meals.
The family goes to London regularly for Christmas.
The country's regular (E) army is very small.
What is the relation between a thing and its name ?
In some words the sense has a relation to the sounds.
She has gone to see a relation (E) in India.
Christianity is the chief religion of the West.
This writer is a good representative of the new school of fiction.
The company put on view a representative selection of their goods.
The committee has sent a representative (E) to the meeting.
His mother made a request for more money.
She sent me a note requesting me to go to see her.
Your company is requested at a dance at Brown's Hotel.
The ruler has the respect and love of his nation.
The manager is much respected in the town.
My father sends his respects (E) to your father.
Bad housing is responsible for much disease.
The farmer made his son responsible (E) for the care of the animals.
She is a very responsible (E) woman to oversee the work.
Her older sister has a responsible (E) position in the hospital.
My friend is taking a rest after his journey.
Is your mother resting now ?
The driver was resting his horse at the top of the slope.
We were all feeling rested after a good sleep.
John took the rest (E) of the cake.
The table was simply a board resting (E) on two boxes.
The man was resting his head in his hands.
His present position is the reward of hard work.
The sailors were at last rewarded by seeing land.
My son was given a reward (S) for stopping the runaway horse.
The music has the right rhythm for dancing.
In the East rice is the chief food.
Most persons do more with the right hand than with the left.
In France they keep to the right on the roads.
Their automobile went right at the fork in the road.
The boy gave the right (E) answer to all my questions.
You were right, the play was bad.
He did the trick right at his first attempt.
It is not right (E) to be unkind to animals.
There is no clear line between right and wrong.
The man was rightly sent to prison for his crime.
Every square has four right (E) angles.
In Britain there is a good relation between the police and the
The son of the dead man has a right (E) to a part of his money.
A government of the Right (E) is in power.
There is a ring round the moon tonight.
The town is ringed round by armies.
He put the ring (S) on her finger.
Companies outside the ring (E) are unable to get materials.
He took a boat up the river for the day.
They are making a road across the mountains.
The curtain rod has come down.
He had a roll of paper under his arm.
The storekeeper was rolling up the cloth again.
The boys had a roll (E) down the slope.
Don’t keep rolling the pencil across the table.
The ball went rolling across the road.
The linen is put between heated rollers (S) when it is ahnost dry.
The gardener gives the grass a roll (E) after cutting it.
My father goes out rolling the grass every day.
I generally have a roll (E) and coffee before I get up.
The horse is having a roll (E) on the grass.
The little ship was rolling violently.
The workmen are putting the roof on the house.
They are still roofing the new theatre.
In some places houses are roofed with dry grass.
A room with a low roof (E) gets warm in summer.
Put your tongue against the roof (E) of your mouth to make an ‘l’.
I have a small room at the top of the house.
There is not enough room (E) for my boxes.
This plant has a long root which is used for food.
Till the plants are well rooted give them water every day
His talk never got to the root (E) of the question.
His fears are rooted in his experiences as a boy.
His hands are rough with hard work.
He gave me a rough (E) idea of the book.
This point on the map is roughly where we are now.
I was surprised at his rough (E) behaviour.
The girl was pushed roughly into an automobile.
There was a round looking-glass on the wall.
A ball is round in form.
The hands of the clock go round (E) slowly.
She was turning round to see who was coming in.
I put a strong cord round the box.
Drinks were handed round (E) by the servants.
I will give your chest a rub when you are in bed.
The boy got out of bed, rubbing his eyes.
There is a rubber on the end of my pencil.
Fishermen have boots made of rubber (E) for going in the water.
The table was rubbed (S) where the books had been.
My father made it a rule to get up early.
Here is a rule (E) for measuring the floor.
Why is that boy ruling lines on the page ?
England became great under the rule (E) of Elizabeth.
What King was ruling Spain in 1800 ?
The first ruler of England was named William
We took our dog for a run in the country.
- S -
She was verysadwhen her lover went away.
Your will be quitsafefrom the water up here.
He got safely across the river.
The old bridge is not safe (E) for automobiles.
The door of the safe (E) was broken open.
It is no use putting up the sail if there is no wind.
We went for a sail (E) in the Mediterranean.
Every week-end he goes sailing with two friends.
The boys are in the park sailing their little boat.
We saw the Mauretania sailing (E) past on her way to America.
Her lover is a sailor (E) in a warship.
The cook has not put any salt in the soup.
Meat may be kept by salting it or drying it in the sun.
Let us get some salted nuts to have with the drinks
These fish are seen only in salt water.
These are the best salts (S) for stomach trouble.
How is a salt (E) formed from a metal ?
He comes at the same time every day.
The place will still be the same in ten years time.
I would do the same again if I had the chance.
There is a wide stretch of sand when the sea is out.
The boys were playing on the     sands in the morning.
The servants say they will go.
It is a common saying (E) that tomorrow never comes.
In this store there is a scale of prices ranging from 6d. to £10.
She kept playing the same scale(S) on the piano.
Boiling-point on a Centigrade scale (E) is at 100 degrees.
What is the scale (E) of your map of Germany.
He put the letter on the scales(E ) to see what its weight was.
The boy was sent to a good school when he was ten.
I have been schooling myself to do without sleep.
He was a painter of the school (E) of Raphael.
The danger is that science may be put to bad uses.
One of the oldest sciences is astronomy.
There is need for a science (E) of language-teaching.
The dressmaker has special scissors for cutting buttonholes.
The joiner has put the last screw in the door.
The brass plate was screwed to the door.
The stopper has been screwed (E) in very tightly.
The sea is very rough today.
Margaret is resting on a seat in the garden.
We came across him seated by the river.
Cambridge is a seat (E) of learning.
He made a second attempt to go.
john came second in the line.
You are the second to put that question.
There are 60 seconds (E) in a minute.
She kept the“ letter in a secret drawer.
He kept the secret till his death.
She has the position of secretary to the manager.
I do not see your hat anywhere.
You will have to see (S) a medical man about your leg.
The workmen quickly saw (E) What was wrong.
I am going out to see (E) if the sea is still rough.
The tree came from 9. seed the size of my thumbnail.
Some of the plants are seeding quite early.
Competition is planting the seeds (E) of war.
He did not seem to be ill.
It seems to me that you are wrong.
She was responsible for the selection of the committee.
The library has a good selection (E)         of books.
The adjustment of the self to society is sometimes hard.
Your are giving your- self unneessary trouble.
The manager him- self said so.
I will send you the parcel by post.
The boys sent (S) a stone through the window.
She has a very delicate sense of smell.
What is the sense (E) of this French word ?
The boy had enough sense (E) to send for the police.
You seem to have no sense (E) of direction.
Animals are quick at sensing danger.
Put the different sorts into separate groups.
The coal—place is separate from the house,
You will see the powder separating from the liquid,
The two houses are s separated by a bit of waste land.
This apparatus is a separator for sorting apples.
The new secretary is a serious sort of girl.
Your representative made a serious (E) error in coming here.
My father is not serious (E) in saying I will get no money.
It is impossible for one servant to keep that house clean.
He is a public servant (E) in a high position.
They had no teaching about sex when they were young.
E Women aren’t the feebler sex (E) in these days.
The men were resting in the shade of the building.
She had her hand over her eyes, shading them from the sun.
I saw the man's shade (S) moving across the grass.
We will put blue shades (E) on the lights in this room.
The dress is a delicate shade (E) of green.
Hamlet saw the shade (E) of his dead father.
For shading (E) a soft pencil is best.
The dog gave himself a shake when he came out of the water.
Have you no feeling of shame for the crimes you have done P
After my angry outburst, I was shamed by his kind words to me.
What a shame (E) that you didn't see the King !
I will have to have a sharp knife for the meat.
Betty is quite sharp (E) enough to give the right answer.
There was a very sharp (E) turn in the road.
The house had a sharply sloping roof.
They were angry, and sharp (E) words were exchanged.
"Don't do that !" he said sharply to the little boy.
After meals, I get a sharp (E) pain in my chest.
The wool from a sheep makes warm clothing.
There is a clock on the shelf over the fire-place.
David and I were on the same ship going to India.
We are now shipping automobiles to America.
He puts on a clean shirt and collar every Monday.
The force of the shock sent the engine off the rails.
The news Was a great shock (E) to the boy's relations.
What punishment is there for so shocking a crime ?
I was shocked to see how poor they were.
She was shocked (E) to see them laughing in church.
The hole in your shoe will let in the wet.
One of the horse's shoes (E) had come off
The farmer’s son is shoeing the horse.
I was in London for a short time this spring.
To put it shortly, we have no more money.
The head cook was a short (S), fat man.
This government will shortly (E) go out of power.
The windows were shut because of the cold.
He went out, shutting the door quietly.
He was putting up the shutters (S) for the night.
A square has four equal sides and four right angles.
There are pictures on the sides (S) of the box but not on the top
Automobiles may be put at the side ot the hospital.
Someone got in by the side door of the house.
On which side (E ) of the door is the window ?
The man with a wound in his side (E ) was put on a stretcher.
Your country was on our side (E ) in the war.
The judge seems to be siding with the prisoner.
Red is a sign of danger.
I saw him make a sign (S) to his friend.
Further down the road is a sign (E) pointing the way to Paris.
Morning mists are frequently a sign (E) of heat later in the day.
The secretary was signing (E) his name to the letter.
The newspaper story was signed by your friend.
Mother has got some blue silk for her dress.
There was a silk cover on the bed.
There were ornaments of silver in the church.
We gave her a silver teapot for her birthday.
The porter gave me silver (S) in exchange for the note.
There is silver (E) in her hair.
The moon was coming up, silvering the trees.
Give the frame a coat of silver paint.
The plate had a very simple design on it.
She was very simply dressed.
The servant is only a simple (E) country girl.
It is quite a simple (E) trick to do.
By going on talking you are simply (E) making me angry.
She has a sister but no brother.
The curtain is the right size for the window.
The girl's delicate skin was burned by the sun.
He took the skin ofi the apple.
The sheep were quickly skinned and put on hooks.
Alice had on a short skirt tor walking.
We took a road skirting (E) the town.
In the summer the Italian sky is very blue.
When you have had a good sleep you will be less tired.
Take care l If your foot gives a slip here you will go over the edge.
It was hard to keep from slipping on the ice-covered road.
The printers have made a Slip (E) in numbering this page.
While talking he was slipping (E) the money into his pocket.
There is a slope in the floor.
The houses have sharply sloping roofs because of the snow.
The green slopes (E) were covered with trees.
Sorting the cards was a slow process.
She is very slow in dressing.
The old man got up slowly from his seat.
We give the slow (S) boys special help.
You may only have a small bit of cake.
Most of the small (E) farmers are in debt.
There will be a smash if that shelf comes down.
The great Waves are smashing up the sen. wall.
There was a bad smash (S) between two automobiles.
There is a strong smell of burning wood.
The dancers put sweet smelling oil on their bodies.
Give the milk a smell (E) to see if it is good.
I saw the cat smelling the fish on the shelf.
Dogs have a better sense of smell than men.
She gave a happy smile when she saw her friend.
The boy and girl were smiling at one another across the room.
The room was full of smoke from the fire.
The fire is smoking badly tonight.
I generally have a smoke (E) after tea.
You have been smoking a great number of cigarettes.
I'm not a smoker and I take very little to drink.
We had nothing but smoked (E) fish in the boat.
The stones have been made smooth by the sea.
She had the smooth (E) motions of a trained dancer.
Don't be tricked by his smooth (E) words.
The skin of the snake was made into a bag.
The judge gave a loud sneeze because he had a cold.
I have been sneezing all the morning.
In the Winter there is snow on the higher slopes.
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