The Basic Words : Basic English
by C. K. OGDEN
Inventor of Basic English
Director of the Orthological Institute

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The letter D.

damage (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. ’daemid3; dommage, détriment, tort; Schaden.
dance, dozns. International word.
danger, n. ’deind5o*; danger; Gefahr.
  (e) Thing causing danger.
  The d. of walking on thin ice; be in d. of fire. He is a public
  d.; that machine is a d. to the workers.
dark, a., n. dozk, sombre; clunkel.
  A d. night; a d. color; dressed darkly. Fear of the d.
daughter, n. ’do;ta’°“; fille; Tochter.
  The d. of a poor man; have three dd.
daughter-in-law, n. Basic words. Woman one’s son is married to.
day, n. dei; iournée: Tag.
  (e) Opposite of night; time in history; jour: jour.
  A week has 7 dd.; d. and night; a bright d. In our d.
  *(All d.; by d.; d. by d.; from d. to d.; good-d.).
  *"One d.; have one’s d.
daylight, n. Basic words. The light of daytime.
daytime, 11. The time when it is day.
dead, a., ded; mort: [les] morts; tot: [die] Toten.
  (e) Without feeling: gone out of use; engourdi: perimé; abgestorben: tot.
  A d. man; respect for the d. My foot is d. That idea is cl.; d.
dear (-ly), a., n. dia’°‘; cher; teaer. '
  (e) Loved (one); cher: chéri; lieb: Liebe(r).
  The goods are d. A d. friend; he was dearly loved. Come with
  me, my d.
  * (D. to the public).
death, n. deG; mort; Tod.
  (e) Condition of death.
    His d. was a great blow; go to one’s d.; come to one’s d.; d. took
  him; the cl. of his hopes. Beautiful in d.
  * (Put to d.).
debt, n. det; dette; Sohuld.
  (e) Condition of having dd.
  A d. of £10; a d. to the past. Be badly in d.
decision, I`l. di’si5an; décision; Entscheidung.
  (e) Power of making decisions; Entschlossenheit.
  Make a d.; the d. of this question. He has great d.
  * (Come to a d.).


deep (-ly), a., adv. dizp; profond; tief.
  (e) Going to the root (of a question); d fond.
  D. water; a d. hole; be d. in debt; he was deeply moved. A d.
  book; a d. interest. Co d. into the earth.
degree, di’gri:; degré; Brad. 
  (e) Amount.
  Two dd. under boiling—point; marking the dd. in red. A high
  d. of interest; a question only of d.
  * (By dd.),
delicate (-ly), a. ’delilnt; développement; Entwieklung.
  (e) Outcome; résultat.
  The d. of a new system (idea): the d. of man; go through a
  process of d. Interesting new dd.

did. See do.
different (-ly), a. ’difrant; different; oerschieden andere (-r, -s).
  Two d. sorts of fruit; a different man; viewing things differently.
digestion, n. di’d5estjsn; digestion; Verdauung.
  He has a good d.; d. is a slow process.
direction, n. di’rekfen; direction; Richtung.
  (e) Controlling: order; gestion: instruction; Leitung: Anweisung.
  Birds coming from every d.; going in the d. of the town; the d.
  of the current. The cl. of a business. Those were his dd.
dirty (dirtier, -ing, -dirtied), a. ’do;ti; sale; schmutzig.
  (e) With a dirty suggestion; indécent.
  The tablecloth is cl.; make the floor d.; dirtying one’s hands. A
  d. story.
discovery, n. dis’kAvari; découoerte; Entdeokung.
  (e) Thing uncovered by discovery.
  He made an interesting d.; the year of the d. of America. May
  I see your d.?  
discussion, n. dis’kAfan; discussion; Erorterung.
  Have a d. about; the d. of details; deep in d.; the Peace D. in London.
  * (An idea under d.).  
  ** (Come up for d.),
disease, n. di'zi;z; maladie; Krankheit.
  Get a d.; expert on dd. of the ear; a town full of d.
disgust (-er, —ing, —ecl), n. dis’gAst; dégmit; Ekel, Abneigung.
  Have a d. for a person; go away in d.; disgusting facts; a disgusted person.
  *(Disgusted (pleased, angry) with).
distance, n. ’distans; distance; Abstand, Entfernung.
  A d. of four feet; go a great d.; some d. away; in walking (hearing) d.;  
  see from a d.
  * (At a great d.).
distribution, n. distrfbjuxfan; distribution; Verteilung.
  (e) How things are placed; répartition; Verbreitung. ·
  Make a d. of clothing; an unequal d. What is the d. of the disease

division, n. di’vi5an; division; Abteilang.
  (e) Space (wall) between: act of division: division of feeling
  (opinion); eloison: separation: divergence; Teilang: Teilang:
  A d. of a school; a d. of the book. Put up a d. across the room;
  make a d. between the houses. The d. of the money; the boys are
  doing d. A d. of opinion among experts.
do (does, did, doing, done, doer), v., aux. v. duz; faire, agir; tan, machen.
  (e) Be right, or enough, for a given purpose.
  -ings, (e) Acts; actes; Taten.
  D. a kind act; d. the right thing; d. the cleaning; d. music; d.
  nothing; d. wrong. This will d. for a curtain. I d. not keep dogs;
  he did not see me; d. you go to the theater?; I made an offer and
  so did he. Give an account of one°s doings.
    * The bricks will d. damage to the window; they did well (badly)
  in the test. (D. one’s best; have nothing to d. with).
    ** How d. you d.? I have done with the paper. D. one’s bit;
  d. trade in; d. one good).
dog, n. dog; chien; Hand.
  Take a d. for a walk.
dominion, do’minjon. International name.
door, n. do;’°; parte; Tiir.
  Get the d. open; the d. into the room; at death’s d.
  * Out of dd.
doorkeeper, n. Basic words. Person stationed at door of hotel and so
  on, to oversee incomings and outgoings.
doorway, n. Basic words. Opening for a door.
doubt (-er, -ing, -ed), n. daut; doute; Zweifel.
  Have dd. about; be in d.; doubting a man (story).
 ** No d.
down, prep., adv. daun; (en) bas; herab, hinunter: anten.
    Go d. a mountain. The sun goes d.; put the pot d.; take d. words;
  the story has come d. from the past.
    * He took a walk d. (ap) the street (road); if you are good at
  lighting, that is no reason for looking d. on lovers of peace. (He let
  his friend d.) .
  ** (Put one’s foot d. about something; put the smash d. to the wet road).

downfall, n. Basic words. Destruction, end.
drain (—er, -ing, -ed), n. drein; égout, tuyau d’écoulement, drain;
  Abflussleitung, Entwiisserungsgraben.
 -ing, (e) Process of making less or feebler; affaiblissemcnt;
  Put water down the d.; draining a bit of land. Draining away
  his power.
drawer, n. drc:’“; tiroir; Schublade.
  Put away in a d.
dress (dresses, -er, -ing, -ed), n. dres; robe; Kleid.
  (e) Clothing; habit, hahillement; Kleidung.
  -ing, (e) Cover put on wound: substance put on food; pansement: 
  asaisonnement, sauce; Verband: Sauce.
  She had a beautiful d.; their dresses were blue. A new form
  of d.; dressing oneself (the baby). Put a dressing on the leg;
  dressing the leg. A thick dressing on the meat.
  *  (Dressing up).
drink, n. drink; hoisson; Getrdnk.
  (s) Alcohol d.; liqueurs fortes; (geistiges) Getriink.
  (e) (Amount of d. for) one act of taking d.; coup de hoire;
  Schluck. A
  Tea is a good d. They had some d. ; d. is his trouble. Have a d.
  of water; have a d. to him; give me another d.
  *(The worse for d.),
driving (driver), n., a. draivin; action de conduire; Fahren, Fuhren.
  (e) Forcing; action de pousser; Treihen.
  D. an automobile (cart); a good driver. Put the nail in by d. it
  with a hammer; the wind was d. the ship forward; a d. rain; you
  are d. me to drink.
drop (—per, -ping, -ped), n. drop; goutte; Tropfen.
  (e) Fall: chute; Fall.
  Dd. of rain on the window; a d. of blood from the wound. It is
  a long d. from the top of the wall; a d. in prices; dropping the plate.
dry (—er, -ing, dried), a. drai; sec, arid; trocken.
  (e) Not interesting; ennuyeux.
  A d. field (tongue, day); get d. in front of the {ire; drying the
  linen; dried fruit. A d. discussion (book).

dust (-er, —ing, -ed), n. diist; poassiére; Staub.
  (e) Powder; poudre. ~
  -er, (s) Cloth for taking off dust; torchon; Staabtach.
  There is d. on the books;_get d. in his eyes; dusting the table
  (room). Chalk d. Cleaning the table with a duster.
dustman, n. Basic words. Man who goes round with cart for house waste.
dynamite“, ’dainemait. International word.

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