The Basic Words : Basic English
by C. K. OGDEN
Inventor of Basic English
Director of the Orthological Institute

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The letter D.

The following provided by Tom Arnall

damage (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. dam’-ij;[FR];[DE].

dance, dans. International word.

danger, noun. dan’-j?r;[FR];[DE].

dark, adj. , noun. därk;[FR];[DE].

daughter, noun. dô’-t?r;[FR];[DE].

daughter-in-law, noun. Basic words. Woman one's son is married to.

day, noun. da;[FR];[DE].

daylight, noun. Basic words. The light of daytime.

daytime, noun. The time when it is day.

dead, adj. , ded; mort. [les] ded;[FR];[DE].

dear (-ly), adj. , noun. dîr;[FR];[DE].

death, noun. deG; mort; Tod.

debt, noun. det;[FR];[DE].

decision, noun. di-sizh’-?n;[FR];[DE].

deep (-ly), adj. , adv. dep;[FR];[DE].

degree, noun. di-gre’;[FR];[DE].

delicate (-ly), adj. del’-i-kit;[FR];[DE].

dependent (in-), adj. di-pen’-d?nt;[FR];[DE].

design (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. di-zin’;[FR];[DE].

desire (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. di-zir’;[FR];[DE].

destruction, noun. di-struk’-sh?n;[FR];[DE].

detail (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. di-tal’;[FR];[DE].

development, noun. di-vel’-?p-m?nt;[FR];[DE].

did. See do.

different (-ly), adj. dif’-?r-?nt;[FR];[DE].

digestion, noun. di-jes’-ch?n;[FR];[DE].

direction, noun. di-rek’-sh?n;[FR];[DE].

dirty (dirtier, -ing, -dirtied), adj. dűr’-te;[FR];[DE].

discovery, noun. di-skuv’-?-re;[FR];[DE].

discussion, noun. di-skush’-?n;[FR];[DE].

disease, noun. di-zez’;[FR];[DE].

disgust (-er, -ing, -dis-gust’;[FR];[DE].

distance, noun. dis’-t?ns;[FR];[DE].

distribution, noun. dis`-tr?-byü’-sh?n;[FR];[DE].

division, noun. di-vizh’-?n;[FR];[DE].

do (does, did, doing, done, doer), verb. . dü;[FR];[DE].

dog, noun. dog. dôg;[FR];[DE].

dominion, d?-min’-y?n. International name.

door, noun. do;dôr;[FR];[DE].

doorkeeper, noun. Basic words. Person stationed at door of hotel and so on, to oversee incomings and outgoings.

doorway, noun. Basic words. Opening for a door.

doubt (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. dowt;[FR];[DE].

down, prep., adv. down;[FR];[DE].

downfall, noun. Basic words. Destruction, end.

drain (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. dran;[FR];[DE].

drawer, noun. drô’-?r;[FR];[DE].

dress (dresses, -er, -ing, -ed), noun. dres;[FR];[DE].

drink, noun. drink. drink;[FR];[DE].

driving (driver), noun. , adj. dri’-ving;[FR];[DE].

drop (-per, -ping, -drop;[FR];[DE].

dry (-er, -ing, dried), adj. dri;[FR];[DE].

dust (-er, -ing, -ed), noun. dust;[FR];[DE].

dustman, noun. Basic words. Man who goes round with cart for house waste.

dynamite, di’-n?-mit`. International word.

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