GIRL : Basic word. noun. Opposite of Boy.

Young female at state between baby and woman ; daughter ; young female servant. Girl Guides, Girl Scounts, girl's organization parallel to Boy Scouts.

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girl -- noun, [ gurl ] plural: girls   said as or said as
Learner's definition of GIRL 1 . a : a female child It's a girl! = She gave birth to a baby girl. a nine-year-old girl Ever since I was a (little/young) girl, I've wanted to travel. b : daughter Is this your little girl? She's our oldest/youngest girl. 2 . a : a young woman a group of teenage girls a 19-year-old girl His parents hope he'll soon find a good girl, settle down, and get married. When she was younger, she was a real play girl. [=a young woman who enjoys parties] She's a big star now, but her fans still think of her as the girl next door. [=a wholesome young woman from a middle-class family] b : a usually young woman from a specified kind of place a city/country girl = a girl from the city/country Extensions 3 . a : the girls : the female friends or work partners of a woman viewed as a group. Wait till the girls back home hear about this! Our boss thinks of herself as just one of the girls. She went out dancing with the girls. b : a woman of any age often used as a friendly way for one woman to address another woman. Girl, you will not believe what just happened to me! c : a woman or girl who does a particular job or activity. a shop girl They just hired a new girl to do the filing. see also : ball girl, call girl, chorus girl, cover girl, office girl, papergirl, poster girl, schoolgirl { The use of girl to refer to an adult woman is often considered offensive, especially when it is used this way by a man.} informal + old-fashioned : 4 . girlfriend : I took my girl out to the movies last night. girl-like   adjective [ as if a girl ] she has a girl-like voice she wants to keep her girl-like figure
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